Nutbox —— Y Combinator of Steem , is coming soon!

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Nutbox is the Y Combinator of the Steem community. 

Nutbox uses the mechanism of Steem Power (SP) faucet mining to raise SP in the Steem community to incubate Dapps in the community, and our moto is to promote the development of start-up DAOs like Y Combinator.

Section A - Nutbox Incubator

The revolution of the internet has begun, with the help of VC and PE, the Internet platform has grown rapidly. Without the support from VC and PE, investment become risky. Many of these Dapps started with spending money in exchange of traffic, make an announcement to the public, and after that we will never hear from them again. 

Steemit Inc used to be the sole representative for Dapp development team for STEEM blockchain. SP holders can make use of STEEM.DAO in order to support the operation and development of STEEM based DAPPS. As a result, there was once a booming period of DAPPS over a short span of period, about 500+ websites and tools has been developed by the communities, and many more communities have emerged since. It is the group of volunteers that contributing their time, skill, and any other form of resources that made this happen, as a result STEEM become even more sizeable.

Nutbox hopes to become such an incubation fund to invest in and support Dapp on Steem.

01.Delegate Mining

The convenient of DPOS(Delegated Proof Of Stake) with STEEM POWER(SP) makes it possible for NUTBOX to become an incubator fund like Y Combinator. It is very similar to SP leasing platform, the users who has SP can choose to delegate to nutbox.mine, and nutbox.mine generates TRC20 token PEANUT(known as PNUT) following a set of rules and condition, and distribute these token back to the SP delegators.

The value of PNUT can be regarded as the discount of nutbox's revenue, and its price is supported by nutbox's token buy back activity. The rules are as follows:

  • STEEM users who is also SP holder, to delegate SP to nutbox, in turn delegator gets PNUT token
  • PNUT distribution rules are as follow:
    ** from 0~1M block, 20 PNUT / block
    ** above 1M block, 10PNUT / block
  • PNUT to be distribute to below users
    ** SP delegators to nutbox.mine
    ** nutbox.dao

Nutbox.mine who has been receiving delegation from the public, will be using its curation reward to execute buy back of PNUT token on a regular basis.


Nutbox.mine is nominated for 2 major roles in the community. One, being the curator, to bring value to the users by upvoting, at the same time, to maximize its curation reward for the SP delegator.

The reward pool of PNUT will be divided into two part. Those pools are, A being the user reward pool, and B for the content reward pool. User can determine the proportion of the two pools, but the proportion of the content reward pool must not be lower than the donated proof of stake delegation (where delegators are not entitled for PNUT rewards, such as our own official stakes, or delegation from named organization that act as angel investors).

Curation reward from nutbox.mine will be regularly powering down, and buying back PNUT from the open market to complete the economic cycle. Initial stage, our team will be doing this manually, and soon to be developed into nubox.dao and the entire buy back process will be automatically done in a controlled order via DAO.


Nutbox.dao is the data access object of nutbox, and will be the self governing platform for nutbox and it’s associates.

Nutbox.dao is an incubator fund. Inherited from STEEM.DAO, nutbox.dao does similarly by generating fund from multiple type of income including nutbox.mine curation reward, in order to repay back to the community and it’s contributors.

As a start, nutbox.dao will be depending on nutbox team to curate content in order to generate income. Withint the first 3 months, we will be focusing on PNUT and PNUT stake holder on their behavior and market sentiments. Nutbox.dao has the rights as below:

Full control of nutbox.mine curation rights

Deciding the amount of PNUT to be mint, distribution and buy back rate via DAO proposal

The rights of decision based on submitted DAO and voters and votes in nutbox.dao


Nutbox.swap is in charge of Steem front end, to exchange steem assets with TRON assets, in order to create a bridge between STEEM community and TRON, so we all can enjoy the best of both worlds via DeFi kind of technologies. 

TSTEEM, TSBD will be the TRC20 version of STEEM and SBD in TRON. By sending STEEM to nutbox.dex, nutbox.dex will be creating exact same amount of TSTEEM in TRON, and drop the token to respective user. The exchange rate between TSBD and TSTEEM are exact the same as in SBD and STEEM.

Section B - Nutbox ecosystem

Once upon of time, STEEM does have one of the best time of its run. There are hundreds of DAPPS and tools being created during that era. ETH DeFi has proof the use of MakerDAO, Compound for lending, Uniswap, Curve, Bancor kind of decentralize exchange, and YFI for investment, Nexus Mutual as alternative insurance, WBTC a cross platform wrapped ERC20 token, all these has been the pioneer of cross platform application tokens.

And now, STEEM brought to you a brand new NUTBOX incubator platform, and it’s a cross platform incubator between STEEM and TRON. Our mission and motto, is to utilizing nutbox.dao in order to develop new community and decentralized platforms. As an initial stage, nutbox.dao is targeting to grow nutbox incubator, to support WhereIN, Steem for wordpress, Asch Witkey, Aksai and many more DAPPS, and to align and unite them as a giant platform, tentatively known as nutbox.dapp.


WhereIN is a Steem-based lifestyle sharing community. Since its launch in January 06, 2019, WhereIN has achieved the seventh-highest score in the world in the mainstream blockchain social media DAPP, and it is also the number 1 in mainstream blockchain social media DAPP in the Chinese market.

Nutbox.dao will be assisting WhereIN to upgrade its core system in line with TRON bridge via our DeFi system. WhereIN will be looking forward to incorporate with online advertising in order to collect revenue for WhereIN community and also to support nutbox.dao.

02.Steem for wordpress

Steem for Wordpress is a Dapp we used to cross post via Wordpress blogs, into STEEM platform. With this, we’re able to replicate a similar function for Aksai Miniprogram in Tencent WeChat, at the same time we also have a similar function Miniprogram for WhereIN as well.

With this, not only we can use Wordpress to post to STEEM, there are many more social media, social data feed, can be used to post to steem via Miniprogram. When you have a Miniprogram platoform via Steem for Wordpress, you can also choose to launch your own token via nutbox.dao, and link the token to nutbox defi eco system, and create value via exchanging to TSTEEM and TSBD.

03.Oops and Asch Witkey

We are developing Oops - an incentivized, blockchain-based,local social media platform, which is the first application scenario of nutbox local community.

We also launched Asch Witkey based on Steem with Asch Blockchain,it will also be built on nutbox.「」

Nutbox TestNet online

nutbox.mine, nutbox.dex are being testing on and are expected to be officially launched at 0:00 on October 20, 2020 UTC+8.

Nutbox document:

Please vote for our witness smt-wherein:

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I'm looking forward to PNUT 😊

Thank you every much

已经delegate mining了,要如何获得PNT?

What about delegation in the past?
I delegated a lot of steem power and was promised to get some kind of reward.
Still waiting.

Thank you for your support to WhereIN.
This is the delegate service of Nutbox. After Nutbox runs OK, WhereIN will also issue tokens in a similar way. At that time, WhereIN agents will receive additional rewards.

Ok. Thanks. Looking forward to that.
You're doing a great job on steem.

With the support of the community, we can go further together. The community needs to be closer together in the future

Hello, it is really impressive. I look forward to the future activities of Nutbox ecosystem and nutbox incubator. I believe more dapp on steem, more active steem commuinity.

Our team is developing steem dapp called cryptomission. Cryptomission helps people keep their habits and do meaningful missions. We applied for the steem-entrepreneurs-program this time.

When you have time, look at the post. Thanks!

We are. And David is looking into the translation for your APP now.

Yeah! Our app supoorts Chinese, with David help. I didn't imagine that.

We can get in touch through discord:iguazi123#7670

Yeah. I will contact you soon. I also think we can do something together.


Ok, look forward to communicating with you

Welcome Nutbox

Today I reviewed information about this new project on Steemit. This project appears to be multifaceted, involving the creation of a dAPP incubator fund on Steemit to encourage dAPP development, along with a DeFi project on Uniswap, called PNUT-TRW, delegations of Steempower to Nutbox.mine get rewards in PNUT and favorable curation from both @nutbox.mine and @wherein

The project sounds very good, as we are always welcoming dAPPS which increase utility on Steem blockchain and increase awareness of the Steem blockchain and potentially raise our token price. It’s also great to earn new tokens in the process.

I have made a delegation of Steempower to @nutbox.mine and I have also gone to JustSwap and purchased PNUT, there after I added both TRX AND PNUT to the Liquidity Pool to further support this project.

I think it’s very important that we support people who create contests, applications or curate. All these things are part of building and helping to sustain a community. We should all be active and supportive citizens.


Thank you very much for your support. We are trying our best to do something, otherwise there are too few developers on Steem, and everyone is becoming less and less active, and we don't want to watch Steem miss the big opportunity of the blockchain.

Yes, we have done a lot of things and some will be released soon. Steem still has a huge opportunity, but we need to do more construction, so we are developing step by step in order to make Steem better.

Thanks to a partner like you, we can persist. I hope we can keep going and realize our vision.

I delegated to @nutbox and it seems it was wrong, sorry I need 5 days to redelegate to @nutbox.mine.

I am sorry for this inconvenience @wherein, and thank you for your message

Best Regards

Hi, That is all right. Next time please delegate your SP directly from We are sorry the inconvenience interface of Nutbox's SP delegation process. And Thank you for investing us and our community ecosystem.

@wherein, if you dont mind, please drop me the link to the delegation shortcut, and I will make the translation manually into Bahasa and spread it out


I am very happy to share the project information with you, and thank you very much for your contribution to nutbox. We can think more about how to push nutbox to more steemians .

You are welcome, as long as I can help the steem platform I think I should do so, will let you know when I have translated it


We can communicate through discord

Thank you very much @nutbox

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