Why My Name Is Spelled Wentong-Syhhae: GR Tonal Spelling (Gwoyeu) 為什麼選 Wentong Syhhae 這個筆名?

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Wentong Syhhae 文通四海 = “Reach out to the world through writing” (sounds much more elegant in Chinese). I chose this name because I speak multiple languages and I am eager to continue learning more. This name is a Classical Chinese phrase, a very compact and elegant way of expressing oneself that allows the writer to say a great many things with only a few words.

文 Wen “writing”
通 Tong “reach, communicate”
四 Syh “four”
海 Hae “seas”

This name is spelled using GR Tonal Spelling, the first official Chinese government romanization (AKA National Phonetic Symbols, version 2 國音字母第二式, 國語羅馬字 promulgated in 1928), a romanized version of China’s first alphabet, Bopomofo (AKA zhuyin, or National Phonetic Symbols, version 1 國音字母第一式 promulgated in 1918).

In the GR system, each rhyme 韻母 is spelled differently, depending on the tone. Here are the relevant spellings (highlighted in green) for my Steemit name:

Two previous blogposts with minor errors:

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文通四海 :為何選這個外號

The “Four Seas”, A Common Classical Chinese Allusion


The “Four Seas” is an allusion to a passage in the 論語 Analects of Confucius 12.5 顏淵 Yan Yuan:

Symaa Niou sadly stated:
“Of brothers all have one,
only I have none.”

Tzyy Shiah answered. It is said:
“Life and death depend on fate,
for wealth and honor we only wait.”

Gentlemen are unfailingly polite,
courteous to all and without slight.

Should a gentlemen imagine he lacks brothers?
All within the Four Seas are his brothers!

Who I am:


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After reading https://steemit.com/steemcleaners/@steemcleaners/the-game-of-tags, I now have a much better idea of how the tag system works. I have removed the #introduceyourself tag and used #update instead. Thank you for the info and the generous upvote (softens the reprimand ;-)

Welcome to Steem @wentong-syhhae.

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You make some really great points.