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I'm very optimistic about the future of ENU and UBI, I think if them get success,their total market value will
surpass EOS and even BTC. However,there is still a big problem of enu, too few people know or hold ENU. I know the
team is trying hard to promote it, such as sending airdrop on Twitter and Facebook, but it doesn't seem to work
very good. I think the main reason is that Facebook and Twitter can easily registe many accounts and even buy
followers very easilly.So the airdrops on Facebook and Twitter can be cheating very easily.

Therefore, I suggest that we can drop enu or LTS on Steemit, the main reason is that it takes time and money to
apply for accounts on Steemit. Moreover, every Steemit has a reputation, it's very hard to have a high reputation
for bulk registration accounts.Barriers can be set according to reputation to prevent the cheating of airdrop.

The most important thing is that Steemit is a decentralized applications, Most steemit users know and support
cryptocurrency, I think they will be more active to support the airdrop and help promote ENU and UBI, and
eventually help ENU and UBI get success in the future.

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