The Adventures in Hong Kong, Macao and Shenzhen/港澳粤奇遇记 by @acactus1013

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  • Self-introduction: Hi, Steemit! I'm a new comer here to share my life and look for new friends.
  • 自我介绍:大家好,我是Steemit的新人!
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  • Self-introduction: Hi, Steemit! I'm a new comer here to share my life and look for new friends.
  • 自我介绍:大家好,我是Steemit的新人!
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    First of all, I’d like to say thanks to @someone for giving me the chance to share my interesting experiences with you. Endowed with so many legends, Hong Kong and Macao have always been the very places I’m fond of and dreaming of. Last summer, I was happy to stay in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Macao for 10 days. During the ten-day journey, something novel and unexpected happened to me. Interested? Follow me!

    首先感谢 @someone让我有机会可以和你们分享我的有趣经历。有着太多神话传说的香港和澳门一直是我很喜欢和向往的两个地方。去年暑假我有机会在香港、深圳和澳门共呆了10天,这10天的旅行,发生了哪些新奇的事情呢?让我们一起来翻开这本奇遇记吧!

    Part 1:In Hong Kong/人在香港

    Hong Kong is a prosperous international city. Women are crazy about shopping here, while children fall in love with the fantastic Disneyland. I like celebrities from Hong Kong and the great TVB plays so much that every street and alley in Hong Kong is a part of city sights in my eyes.




    All the streets and alleys in Hong Kong are very special. The streets between skyscrapers and tall buildings are well known because of cultural transmission, for example, the Queen's Road, the Nathan Road, and the Hennessy Road. Besides, there are many streets with local features, one of which is the colorful advertisement signboard hanging around. Walking on the streets, I found some of the same scenes I had watched from the TV before. That's amazing!


    Victoria Harbour 维多利亚港


    Victoria Harbour is a must-see when you come to Hong Kong. The first night in Hong Kong, I was caught in a typhoon so I couldn't watch the night view. What a pity! On a cloudy and rainy day, I boarded the Star Ferry by accident, on which I had a close look at the harbour.


    Madame Tussauds Hong Kong 香港杜莎夫人蜡像馆



    Madame Tussauds Hong Kong is situated in the Victoria Peak. In the exhibition hall stand many wax statues of famous people, including politicians, sports stars, singers, actors and artists. I like this photo with Liming, an actor from Hong Kong, which was taken by a foreign friend. Another photo is with the great genius---Einstein.


    The University of Hong Kong香港大学



    The University of Hong Kong is an international recognized comprehensive university and also the territory's oldest institute of higher learning. In the campus there is a building called Loke Yew Hall, which once provided some of the settings for the movie"lust".


    Part2: In Macao 人在澳门

    Known as “the Vegas of the east”, Macao is a city which is famous for its gambling industry, every day millions of people around the world come here to gamble, becoming rich overnight or losing everything. Compared with gambling, the gorgeous and fabulous architecture is preferred by me.


    Santa Casa Da Misericordia Macao仁慈堂


    Santa Casa Da Misericordia Macao was founded by a Portuguese, it's an institute devoted to charity. From the external decoration we can feel strong western styles.


    the Venetian Macao Resort Hotel威尼斯人度假酒店



    With imposing appearance,the Venetian Macao Resort Hotel was patterned on Las Vegas in America. , the splendid and magnificent casino lies on the first floor. Photos are forbidden here to protect guests' privacy.



    On the second floor of the hotel is a shopping street. The atmosphere here is full of Italian style. The Venetian bridge, canals, gondolas are the main features. Tourists can shop here while watching the beautiful sights.


    Ruins of the St. Paul大三巴教堂


    As the landmark in Macao, Ruins of the St. Paul is one of Macao's most popular tourist attractions. There used to be a church, which was ruined after a big fire, with the front wall only left.


    Part3: In Shenzhen人在深圳

    Shenzhen is a big melting pot in which many people struggle for their goals. My friend is one of those. It looks as similar as other big cities in China, happily, my friend showed me around a few interesting places in Shenzhen.


    Yantian Port 盐田海港


    In Shenzhen it's said that people should eat in Yantian Port. My friend took me here to have a seafood feast. After the tasty feast, we had a walk along the port talking about our lives. What happy memories!

    在深圳有食在盐田的说法。 我的朋友带我来这儿享受了一次海鲜大餐,吃完大餐,我们在岸边散步,谈论人生。多么美好的回忆啊!

    Xichong beach西冲沙滩




    I have never heard of Xichong beach before my friend recommended it to me. I never expected that this beach should look as gorgeous as those beaches in Sanya city. The weather was fine and we laughed and splashed in the water.


    That's all for this journey. Thanks for reading !

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