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It's unbelievable, I know.

But the photos below have all been captured in the UK! Looks like a Mediterranean paradise, right? Well, it's actually the quaint old town of Brighton where life is relaxed, the people are friendly and the views are breath-taking.

In all honesty, I could not have chosen a better time to visit this vibrant, stunning place. From the throngs of seaside revellers to the beach attractions, it proved to be an unforgettable time from start to finish. Hope this entices many of you to come visit Brighton and embrace it's glorious atmosphere, especially when the conditions are this damn good! :)

2017-07-15 22.44.35.jpg

My parents are still over from China so that was, in fact, the catalyst in taking a trip down there. They had heard so many good things about the place so it was good to be able to show them firsthand. The walk along the seafront seemed like a pretty good start to the day so that’s exactly what we did!

2017-07-15 22.46.54.jpg

2017-07-08 15.14.40.jpg

The beach is not made up of sand but instead small, smooth pebbles next to the waters edge. Though a sunbed or beach towel are all you need to enjoy some delicious "fun-in-the-sun." Or simply choose to take a nice, calming stroll by the seafront. Both options should provide similar results.

Serene bliss... :)

2017-07-15 22.44.08.jpg

2017-07-08 15.56.03.jpg

2017-07-08 15.58.25.jpg

2017-07-08 16.11.34.jpg

2017-07-15 23.00.22.jpg

We trekked our way along the wide promenade towards the West Pier.

This actually used to be a beautiful Victorian building years ago. However, it was ravaged by intense thunder storms a few years ago and has since fallen into disrepair. Today, we can only see a stick-like “framework” just off the coastal area.

The metal skeletal structure all that remains of what it once was.

Though to me, it seems to possess a tranquil, haunting beauty in it's own right. Like that of a stylised piece of artwork. A historical relic of the old West Pier, displaying a glimpse into the past. A great iconic structure of it's era to photograph or paint.

I would definitely recommend people take a few moments to have a look and reflect.

2017-07-08 14.46.18.jpg

2017-07-08 16.00.43.jpg

2017-07-08 15.59.49.jpg

Further down the West Pier, there are a plethora of bars and restaurants to check out. As well as many talented, young street performers showing off their vocal skills. Very entertaining indeed.

It could also make the ideal hotspot to have a romantic date with that special someone in your life, lol. Just saying! :)

2017-07-08 16.09.45.jpg

The golden sun blazing above definitely added volumes to the experience as a whole! I decided to buy everyone a "summer berries" flavour ice cream while watching thrilling games of volleyball and basketball game at the beach side!

A perfect and memorable time which only seemed to be getting better as the day drew on.

2017-07-08 16.06.59.jpg

2017-07-08 16.08.15.jpg

2017-07-08 16.06.09.jpg

2017-07-08 16.08.49.jpg

2017-07-08 16.07.48.jpg

At the close of our afternoon long walk, we spotted the famous Brighton Pier. A really impressive and enjoyable landmark of the bustling town! One of my favourite things about the pier is that it has retained that "vintage" feel, whilst still adding a contemporary twist with what it has on offer to it's visitors.

2017-07-08 16.15.39.jpg

2017-07-08 16.17.02.jpg

2017-07-15 22.45.52.jpg

2017-07-15 22.45.16.jpg

2017-07-08 16.19.35.jpg

Some main features include a good-sized fun fair along with video game arcades and plenty of food and drinks stalls dotted around. The restaurants serving traditional English food like "fish and chips" are a must try. Fresh and bursting with flavour.

2017-07-15 19.07.18.jpg
(Traditional Fish & Chips)

2017-07-15 19.04.31.jpg
(Homemade Fish Pie)

2017-07-15 19.05.48.jpg
(Grilled Salmon)

There are also stalls that sell other such snacks like buttered waffles, candy floss and the age-old "Brighton stick of rock"!

And the fresh fried doughnuts are simply to die for! Just don't forget to try those whatever you do!

2017-07-08 16.17.53.jpg

2017-07-08 16.18.40.jpg

Moving towards the back end of the pier are even more fairground attractions. These include The Horror Hotel, Wild River Log Flume, Turbo Rollercoaster, Bumper cars and more. There is something for everyone! There is plenty of excitement to be had and a fantastic choice of place to visit with a group of friends or family.

2017-07-15 22.46.04.jpg

2017-07-08 16.21.39.jpg

2017-07-08 16.21.19.jpg

It must be said the rides were a bit on the pricey side but if you purchase a wrist band for £20, you can go on all the rides you want. Which, believe me, can keep the whole family entertained for quite a few hours. In fact, you will make your money back after the first 5 rides you go on, lol.

I am not a big arcade fan (left that part to my hubby), but I do love gazing out to sea. The views from the pier are nothing short of spectacular. Thanks to the gorgeous weather, it was possible to see very far along the coast. On this incredible sunny day, all the shimmering white buildings contrasted so well with the contours of the sea and the scattered beach rocks.

A true sight to behold and one so soothing and relaxing.

2017-07-15 22.44.35.jpg

2017-07-08 16.22.13.jpg

2017-07-08 16.22.28.jpg

It's no wonder Brighton is such a treasured gem of a location within the UK. Given the right variables of weather and seasonal timings, it can be a wondrous place to enjoy a fabulous day out. Or even a few days, time permitting.

My family loved it, as did I, and I hope to return very soon as it's only just over an hours drive from where I live. An awesome day out and one I hope you too can get to experience if ever in the UK.

You won't regret it! :)

真的难以置信以下这些照片都是在英国拍摄的,看起来像是地中海国家吧, 呵呵?其实它是伦敦周边的古老城市布莱顿。这儿环境优美,生活休闲,人们也都非常友善!
















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Congratulations. Portuguese egg tarts, here you go.


@ace108, want some takeaway? Lol...


I got mine from KFC a couple of weeks ago




想想还是在家安全 😄👏






you take beautiful pics!

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Man, I wouldn't mind having some of that fish & chips with a good pint of a local brew. Great photos.

رحله سعيده ا بقى

The food looks yummy! Hope to visit this place soon :)


Yes it does!

And it's really traditional... you can get fish and chips all over European and north American piers.

Very different from the food you find in Asia.

I will post about that in a few days on the @traveladdict blog...


The seafood dishes are so delicious indeed. I hope you would go there one day :)

Yup ! damn wonderful place seaside hope you enjoy a lot that's very beautiful beach and with beauty lady by the way your good photographer as well so keep sharing your wonderful experience with us hope you like my comment followed you for more similar content I want to see new beautiful places like this :)


Thank you for your nice comments @farhanali.

Nice! I have been to Brighton before. But its couple years ago so a lot of the things changed.. the pier looks so clean and renovated since then.

Btw. Check my new contest:

I liked the pebbled beach and the fish and chips of course! Enjoy your vacation!



Brighton does look a lovely place,i'm from Liverpool and i've never visited there before,but it reminds of Hastings.The U.K has numerous seaside towns all round the coast,some which include victorian promenades and piers. They all seem familiar and are based on the same principle. The closest seaside resort to Liverpool is Southport and i'm sure if you visited,you would notice the similarities.


That sounds great. I would love to visit Southport some day!

Thank you @makrotheblack for stopping by.

Very interesting article! Keep up the good work, friend! I will definitely follow you, you can also check my profile and if you like my articles feel free to follow me too! :)


Thanks @tyregethon for your nice comment!






Really great post and I understand u liked it cause the pics are amazing😊
Makes me wanna go
Thx for sharing

Such a gorgeous view! So many rocks on the beach, we have very sandy beaches around me


That is a very different beach in deed :) Thanks for taking time to comment!




I lived in Brighton for 6 months.

Nice place (only for 2 months during summer time lol)


I really do enjoy the seaside walk :)

See! The UK isn't so bad! I guess you arrived during the yearly week of sunshine 😎


I was lucky to visit the seaside on such an amazing sunny day, lol.

Really like the street photography, great post, making bank! upvote and followed

This is really a paradise of the world, the beach is very beautiful and clean, the place is also very special ,, i pingin once was there to enjoy the beautiful nature ...


Indeed :)


What it is indeed

This is really a paradise of the world, the beach is very beautiful and clean, the place is also very special ,, i pingin once was there to enjoy the beautiful nature ...

Brighton's great! Always love a little visit there. I'm from a town in Devon... like a smaller version of Brighton, the only difference being the size and the average age ;). Now, I'm living in Madrid, so not so much beach for me!


I hope you have a chance to visit Brighton very soon :)

Awesome article! I will follow you!



I guess with global warming soon many coastlines in northern countries will look like the mediterrian.

Looks like your typical beach town. Beautiful, relaxing, and a place I want to visit. Fish and chips is always a great choice when you visit! Thanks for sharing the pictures of your trip.


Yeah, great place for a short break! And you definitely cannot go wrong with the fish and chips at the seaside, lol.

@rea great shots indeed and the lady there, wow. I wonder why the beach was empty?

wow nice pics......tnx for sharing






Wonderful photography work, @rea! Thanks for sharing! I have just upvoted your post ;)


Thank you @lazariko12.

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nice pictures



Awesome Pictures! Thank you for sharing with us
Upvoted & Followed


Thank you @machhour.

Wish I was there. But I will be)

Brighton England! Looks like a really good place for a vacation. thanks for sharing.


I hope you can make it there one day :)

It a nice one, beautiful beach, great weather and most of yummy foods


Yep, that's what holiday is about, lol. Thank you for stopping by :)

Such a lovely post! I enjoy your writing very much, and I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future!

Great article. Another nice seaside beach is Camber Sands with its nice sand dunes and golden sand

Great post thank you @rea.

What is so English about it ?
I don't see them drinking tea or
Invading a country
They can't be English
Beautiful photographs thou.

Oh my gosh Brighton looks amazing! Thanks for sharing all of these photos. From a fellow traveler, I cannot wait to see more posts from you of all of your adventures!


Thank you @lpproject. I wish you can visit there one day and experience it :)

@rea, this is awesomely beautiful. thanks for the post


Thank you!

great shots mate!


Thank you.

Wow is amazing

I used to live here, until I moved because of my Job. I love that place. Steemers wouldn't like the Green Party crowd's politics for sure.

Truely amazing article :) the only downside is that in England it rains every 15 minutes. Otherwise im not sure if the water takes effect of that. Does it get clod or is it always cold. ^^
Cheers ans


We don't often have hot summer in London but this year the weather has been really generous I have to say.

Thank you for stopping by @vangelov!

Love this, Thanks for sharing!

Some beautiful photographs and they make us all remember that England has some beautiful holiday resorts, and occasionally the sun even shines! A very full review on Brighton, upvoted and followed


In UK we all know what the weather's like but this Summer, the London weather has been amazing so far. I honestly could not complain :)

Thank you for taking time to comment :)

I just love the sea and the beach. Wonderful photos, I would love to visit one day.

Brighton seems to be a place that will brighten you day.
No.... you shouldn't post the ice cream like that. I think it should be a bokeh entry for steemitphotochallenge. :-)


Thanks for your advice! I will check out the steemitphotochallenge :)


You're welcome

good post @rea I will keep you going because here I am still a beginner and I really look forward to your support


Thank you @ari12 :)

Steem on!!

Yes, I've been to Brighton. Actually, the town itself is a bit shabby, but the seaside is wonderful with a great community atmosphere. Thanks for the memories.


Nice posting.
I am very new in this social media. Follow you already. Good luck.

real nice post, thank you :)

我不相信你。 你的PS好厉害 👌

so many eye catching photos and the discussion is in complete detail, love this

Congratulations @rea!
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Thank you!

O WOW!! Last time I visited Brighton I was about 12 and that is years ago lol, the UK does have some truly beautiful beaches, the trouble is having luck on the good weather when you go, although the climate has changed here too and we do get those glorious days I never seem to pick the right ones lol, lovely post, hopefully one day I will get to return


Thanks @lobbylux. I hope you have a chance to visit Brighton very soon :)

Beautiful photos of the beach. Scrolling through them almost make me feel like in there. The quality of the pictures are awesome as well. Keep up the good work.


Thank you for your kind words @slickhustler007!

我在澳洲遇到一個朋友來自Brighton, 還首一次了解這個城市建築,連遊樂場也這麼古老的。


挺有特色的,希望你有机会来参观 !

Looks more like the south of Europe to me, amazing there is such nice beach so up north!

This seaside attraction looks like lots of fun and good food. Beachfront entertainment always makes for a good time.

Wow! Amazing photographs and great post! :)

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Beautiful photos. wish I was there @rea I will follow you

If you get a chance to make it down to Cornwall, Looe. Do it you wont regret it, the beach is amazing surronded by beautiful green forrests, if you like walking, which i do, its a great place for a week trip 😍 @bethwendy

I knew those buildings looked familiar. I was just there in April!

fresh donut is a necessity..


Oh yeah, I could not agree more, lol.

Yes mate, you got it - quintessentially English. You're only missing a few lobster red sunburned Brits looking uncomfortably warm.

And those pebble beaches - oh I remember the agony picking my way over them in bare feet trying to get in the cool and murky sea.

Anyway, nice write up. Always interesting to see perspectives of my former home country by non-Brits.

Ahhhh love Brighton, shame the beach is pebbly but still an awesome place.


That's why not many people were in the water :) The walk along the seafront was amazing!
Thank you for stopping by @cryptofunk!

Great photos. I would love to visit a place like this. It sounds and looks so peaceful. The beach and water photos are so inviting. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

What a fantastic day! Great pictures.

Guessed it was Brighton from the thumbnail already! Best weather in the Uk. What I most love about Brighton is the "live and let live" way of thinking people have, nobody judges, just gets on with their own thing! I hope you visited the Pavilion, as its just opposite the Pier!


So lovely! Brighton is on my list of places I must visit while I'm in the UK. Following x

One of my best friends moved to Brighton a few months ago. Every week he tells me to come visit. I think that finding your post about this place is a sign I should really go there soon. Thank you, the pictures look great :)

Wow! When the weather is this lovely, who needs a vacation? Next time I'm in the UK, I definetely have to visit Brighton. Especially the pier: it looks very nice and authentic. Keep up your posts, I will follow👍


lol... if you live in UK you will know how obsessed we are with the weather here! So I would highly recommend to visit Brighton on a Sunny day :)

Thank you @marcovanhassel.

Feel a bit nostalgically cause I was studying there some years ago! Southern England is a very beautiful place! Hope, you had a great time there, @rea!
Check my last post, there I speak about my adventure to the mountains

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