The Bustling Market of St. Albans / 圣奥尔本斯的繁华市集

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Today, I am taking my Steemian friends to the cultural splendour of St Albans.

This popular landmark is a thriving Hertfordshire-based city brimming full of history and charm. Home to the lavish and well-known St. Albans Cathedral, it's history dates back over 1000 years. A lot it clearly shown in it's beautiful architectural designs and features.


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St Alban Market

St Albans is a 20 minute train from London's St Pancreas and runs regular services throughout the day. On arrival alongside the main shopping area, there are shops and cafes as well as the bustling market place it is renowned for. It spans almost the entire length of St. Peters Street and is open every Wednesday and Saturday with over 160 stalls in operation.

St. Albans market offers a diverse range of goods from fresh local fruit & veg to fancy gifts on offer. You will be no doubt be spoilt for choice when you get there, lol. St. Albans market is actually the largest of its kind in the South East of England. A great place for trade, whatever you are looking for. It even has some great places to eat!










I love the farm stalls with their tasty cheese selections, seasonal fruit and vegetables options, fresh herbs and top quality meat and dairy produce! All produced and supplied by their local farms! And very good for your money too, such as five large and juicy oranges for only a pound!





The olives on display featured a variety of colours and made my mouth water. Their colours varied depending on which country they originated from. This particular olive stall sells 16 different types of olive, including the famous Spanish Manzanilla, Greek olives with feta, Italian, French pitted varieties and Moroccan! Talk about trying to appease for every taste possible! You are also welcome to try a few before buying which in turn is a great strategy for attracting decisive customers!


The bakery stall is also outstanding. They produce a range of handcrafted breads to cater for a wide range of dietary requirements. And all baked from their very own organic flour at the local mill. Selections include white, brown, wholemeal and rye loaves in addition to baking their own British plain and fruit scones, tea cakes and soft rolls.


I found particular interest in one stall selling vintage marble coasters. They had a nice range of different options available to choose from with theme relating to sport, transport, football and vintage cars. I loved the old-fashioned look and feel to them! A great handmade product and cool gift for someone too.





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The Medieval Clock Tower

Just down the hill from the market, there is the medieval clock tower which was built in back in the fifteenth century. It is the only example of its kind in the country. To get up to the top of the tower, there are 93 steps in total but only takes a few minutes to climb. There is quite a nice view of the city from up there. Its doors are open to the public between the months of April to September.



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The Game Workshop

St. Albans also plays host to many smaller independent retail outlets, including personalised gift shops and boutiques. There was one certain shop that got my attention and that was The Games Workshop.


The Games Workshop caters to fans of the popular fantasy-based series of board games and also sells miniatures figurines for painting and designing. Being a little bit of geek myself, this is a great store for all things "Warhammer 40,000" related and everything in-between, lol! The artwork and craftsmanship that went into producing these amazing pieces really is staggering. What a fantastic shop. Just wish there were more of them, lol. :)








In addition to selling their main trademark merchandise, they offer advice to people wanting to get into the creative painting aspect of it and also run tutorial sessions for kids of all ages. Look at all the fun they are having, "play-battling" at the store!






圣奥尔本斯距离伦敦圣潘克莱斯(St Pancreas)火车站大概是20分钟车程,全天有多班次服务。火车直达圣奥尔本斯的主要购物区,商店,咖啡馆以及著名的繁华市集。这里的市集有近一千年历史。它位于市中心圣彼得大街,每周三和周六开放,共有160多个摊位。


我尤其喜欢这里的农贸摊位,有时令水果和蔬菜,香料和优质的肉类以及乳制品。 所有这些都是由当地农场生产的,而且价格也很便宜,五个新鲜多汁的大橙子才一磅钱!





离开市场才走了几分钟,我们就看到了一座建于十五世纪高高的钟楼。 这是英国唯一的,保存原样的一个钟塔。钟塔每年四月至九月对公众开放,要爬上塔顶,总共有93个台阶。从塔顶上眺望可以看到整个小镇的景色。


圣奥尔本斯的商业街有出名的英国连锁店,也有不少独立零售店,包括服装店,日用品店和精品店。 有一个商店引起了我的注意,那就是游戏作坊(Games Workshop)。





Nice travel impressions again, thanks for sharing!

Hey @future24, thank you for dropping by. :)

Ha! Ha! You did such a great job in making St Albans look so great and interesting ! 😉

哇, 不出门便游览了国外的市场,感谢@rea ,给我们提供了这么多丰富的信息。


I want the red boots in the 2nd row :)
I love the tapas dishes
have you ever tasted those cactus figs?

Hello @englishtchrivy, long time. :) Yes the red boots looked really vibrant! No, I have never tried the cactus figs. Do you like them?

that's weird .. am always on your tail
in fact, I wanted to crash on your meet up with exyle and ask all 4 of you to go up the Mass and do the zip-line together but that would be unethical so I just read on :D
I guess after the Steemfest for some reason I became invisible on your radar ..

the cactus figs are too seedy .. I like them yes, but only when properly ripen
tastes a bit like pear but less sweet with a weird after taste..

My fav pic ? The boooooots !! (the red ones :D)

I know, they are so colourful!!

Beautiful photos. As a person with a little experience with photography, the angles with which your take your pictures are very strategic and thy capture the image with a good display of professionalism.
I particularly loved the Pic with the marble stuffs that had English premiership clubs crested on them. That one blew my mind.

Lovely lovely pictures as usual. The flowers on the St. Albans Cathedral, reminds me of the hanging gardens of Babylon. When I saw your first image, I was thinking today's post was going to be about battles, or ancient warriors or something.
Really nice post and very clear as usual.

I don't know if am breaking any copyright laws here, but I download your pics, they just are amazing. I love their sharpness. Am a fan of well taken photos. Thank you so much. You are amazing

Is that board game ruin escape?

These look really good. Mehn no one who has this post would need any guife when visiting St. Albans market. These pictures and directions and information are well sufficient. I love the way you don't only explain, but your pictures give a vivid picture of what you've written.
So well taken. Thanks for them

I did not understand your writing that did understand that the post has a lot of fun pictures, so thank you very much I have posted a very nice one

beautiful photo and beautiful places I wish one day visit this place

Ah you really did a good job on the St. Albans Cathedral and St. Albans market section. You explained how to transit around the market so much, with appropriate pics to follow.
Just as an idea,dont you think you can actually make these wonderful posts you make into. Something like a book or guide, cause these lovely pics can't only remain on the block chain. Those who are not on steemit need to see these stuffs. You could really make people glad, informed, and in turn also make some money.

My God, I never knew London had such beautiful places. You know @rea,you bring any place to life through your pictures. No one can see these pictures and not have his appetite turned on for a vacation in London.
The pictures are so clear, and the zoomed ones are not blurred, but sharp. That device you use to take these must worth a fortune.
More please, more.

Oh, goodness, I must have misunderstood this

'St Albans is a 20 minute train from London's St Pancreas'

I thought St Albans was a place in London, 20 minutes from St Pancreas which is also in London.
Thanks anyways for the correction, it's well appreciated, now I know more. 😊😊😊

muzakirpb upvote, posting is perfect

very nice thank you for charing

as soon as these street vendors will disappear. I feel sorry for this. we need such things to keep our unity alive

You forgot to mention 2 important points.

  1. St Albans has the most public houses per capita in the UK.
  2. St Albans is home to the oldest pub in the world.


Thank you for such an interesting post! I seemed to travel with you. Lovely photos, interesting story. Continue to be our guide to interesting corners of the world. It is very interesting and useful for many people.

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I like to watch the market.
It's interesting to see the pictures.

I love the St Albans market, always get some nice fresh vegetables there.

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