The Amazing Trip to Windsor Castle - Part I/ 畅游温莎城堡 之一

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If you come to the UK, visiting Windsor Castle is a must. The family home to British kings and queens for over nine hundreds years. Windsor Castle is also the oldest and largest castle in the world that offers extraordinarily rich architecture and history! It is said the Queen spends half of her time at the Castle and a lot of her private weekends there too.

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Being only 50 minutes’ drive from Windsor Castle, I decided to go there for a day trip. The motorway journey there was quite good with not too much traffic, however when we got to Windsor it was quite a challenge to find a parking space. We went to visit three different car parks in the town centre but two of them were full and the other one had a significantly long queue all the way down to another street! That’s crazy! We had to drive a little further out to be able to be able to finally find a local car-park. Well, now we saw how popular this place is, lol.

A little short walk later, we came to the Windsor Royal Shopping, which is in the Victorian Railways Station, right opposite the Windsor Castle.


The great Victorian style gives a sense of age-old heritage and many of the original features remain including Jubilee Arch, the cobbled stones and Queen Victoria’s Royal Waiting Room. It is still the main railway to Windsor, but incorporates an amazing selection of boutique shops, cafes and restaurants, as well as a craft market open 7 days a week. What a great way to use an old railway station building!

The layout of the place is so different to the usual city high streets I'm used to. It is full of character and has a nice relaxed feel to it, providing you with a unique shopping experience! Very nice place to spend some quality time although I can imagine it can get a little crowded at tourist peak season.










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As you leave the Windsor Royal Shopping Center, you are immediately met with a magnificent view of the Castle.

Windsor Castle was actually set way above street level but the structure itself was amazing. I am so impressed. It is a fully-functional working royal palace with heavy security. It was so nice just standing outside of it's magnificent walls and admire the Castle from the distance!





(Some benches for people to rest on while admiring the fantastic scenery)









(To Be Continued)

如果你来英国,去参观温莎城堡感受一下皇室奢华与精致的生活是必须的,呵呵。它是英国国王和女王的家园,拥有900多年的悠久历史。温莎城堡也是现今世界上有人居住的最古老,规模最大的城堡! 据说现任的英国女王伊丽莎白二世每年有一半的时间在温莎堡度度过,包括私人娱乐活动。



温莎皇家购物中心以前是19世纪的维多利亚建筑风格的大型火车站,后来演变成了购物商场但还是保留了不少原有特色,像拱门,鹅卵石和维多利亚女王的皇家候车室等。许多家英国著名的品牌商店落户于此, 以及环境惬意的的餐馆和咖啡厅。这里还有一个每周7天都开放的手工艺市场。这个改造老火车站的主意还真不错!






Windsor Castle is beautiful, nice place to go

Nice snaps and a good read about it. Would you consider sharing it in SteemitWorldMap and joining the contest I made to encourage users to contribute more and fill the map with amazing posts like yours.
You always have great travel stories and take your time to make a good post that would be a perfect for our SWM
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Hello @runicar, thank you for your lovely comment. I am happy to join the SteemitWorldMap challenge. In fact, I just posted my Part II of Windsor Castle and tag on the Steemit World Map. :)

Awesome! Every help fulfilling the map is much appreciated. Thanks for joining! Looking forward for many more your contributions as there is no limit to how many you can post :)

fantastic pictures and amazing writing :)

i am agree @leftbank with you

I think I know why the Queen likes to stay there. It is quaint, beautiful tranquil looking. Beautiful shots, @rea! Have a great weekend!

I cannot agree more. Thanks for dropping by @cecicastor!

Definitely a wow-worthy travel story! You have taken great efforts to capture the majestic beauty of Windsor Castle from various angles. Your photographs most certainly do justice to the magnificence of the historical landmark.

Thanks @investprosper. I am glad you enjoyed reading my post. :)

really fascinating pictures good work

Thank you @jassi. :)

nice plave to visit!
and good photos that you took!
Thank you!

Nice trip, great shoot

@rea Very nicely Done and I am sure that you had a wonderful time with all the Beautiful photographs that you showed here.........I am just guessing that the queen was not there on this day ?

I don't think so. :) Thank you for dropping by @stokjockey!

@rea This great post i liked that title
The Amazing Trip to Windsor Castle
This post resteemed from @adnanmengal side
thank you for share

Thank you for your support @adnanmengal. :)

First of all pictures are so beautifully captured i will surely this place. Thanks for sharing wonderfull info with us.

Thank you. :)

I'm very interested in the castles are mysterious places and full of many stories fantastic images

i went there the last summer and i have to admit it was stunning ! did u go to Edinburgh's castle ?

No, but perhaps next time. Thank you. :)

pictures looking so gorgeous

Thanks. :)



wow, beautifull palace...
i wan't to go there...
Thank's for recommended @rea

Best regards @fikrihaikal

Hi great wanderer. While reading your content i am taken back centuries watching knights and kings preparing for battle. It is such a nice place with high historical value. I just cant help to follow your channel and reblog this post.

Thank you for your nice comment. Visiting the Castle did take me back to centuries ago. It was wonderful and I hope you have a chance to visit there yourself in the future.

Beautiful work, very well framed and composed ..very wonderful trip post! wonderful photographers. congratulations on your heart !!!

Hello, Thank you for sharing your experience, I'm a traveler as a photographer, I love your work, Hope we can be good mates in steemit as followers.

Thanks @traveleryong, steem on!

Lovely set of photos.

Beautiful work in the writing as well as the pictures. Are there tours of the castle where you don't have to spend so much time standing in line?

Thank you @team101. Wondering outside of the Castle is absolutely free. You only have to queue when you go inside the Castle.

Wao Wao Wao ... These are some pictures. Never seen pics like these. Great work mate. Amazing effort

Thank you. :)

Amazing photography displayed here, the castle is a place to visit.

I feel very excited by reading your travel blog.I hope so you have enjoyed a lot.The pictures are beautiful clicked by you.It is very good snap.Two years ago i visited this awesome place.In future my planning is to visit this place again.Let's c.

good man

Hello, your publication is wonderful, the image is magical. The pictures are very good. I advise you to enjoy every trip. The atmosphere is observed of kings and queens
a warm hug
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let me help other people

Pretty cool sharing. A lot of information of which I were ignorant of. Pictures are fantastic. I'll be looking forward next blog in which more information will be disseminated. Thanks for sharing.

I'm yet to fathom the type materials used in building this castle many decades ago. Excellent building and Engineering.

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Good history, excellent photos, it seems a good environment to visit.

every picture smells history.. thanks for the post

Excellent shots. Great photo clarity and journey.

Now I desperately wish to be there !
Your writing is compelling and flowing, this post was a good read :)
And let us not talk about the pictures... So lovely they are. Wonderful!!

I'll be there pretty soon, can't wait to see it !

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Been there, its really a cool place. Your photos bring back memories. Thanks

I am glad you like it. Thanks for dropping by. :)

seeing your post it attract my direction ...i just to say that i love traviling you alive may passion again to shear highly quality pictures of some historical castle ...the
Windsor citadel is a royal house at Windsor inside the English county of Berkshire. it's far remarkable for its lengthy affiliation with the English and later British royal family and for its architecture
Windsor castle is one in all three respectable residences of The Queen and has been home to the Sovereign for over 900 years.


I enjoyed your style of photography based story telling in this post ^.^ Windsor Castle sure is majestic.

I cannot agree more @xshutterbug. :)


Nice post

Cool place @rea, I am a HUGE fan of castles. I love the history behind all of them, thanks for sharing :D

Me too. Have you been to Windsor Castle?

Nope! So that's why I was happy to look at your pics. I do like the ones that you can walk around in. The Castle in Lisbon was really neat in that regard, did you end up going to that one?

beautiful building, hopefully I can get there

照片中英文都好棒!貌似欧洲很多老火车站都成功改建成现代场所了呢 期待后续。。。


Amazing place to visit. I'll go there someday.

And you won't regret it. :)

Cool to read since I'm watching The Crown on Netflix at the moment.. :P

extra photos

Nice pictures. Hope to visit there soon.

That's beautiful and looks so peaceful
would love to go there someday.

i didn't go when I visit several years ago. Need to remember for next time.

hola..muy bonitas fotos espero continua ofreciéndonos experiencias de sus viajes..estoy [email protected]

wow interesting

a pleasant trip and really enjoy every urban monument building. may the journey of @rea makin fun.

nice to see photos of places I have not seen


I've lived in London for one year and Windsor Castle was one of my favourite excursions there! Especially the Windsor Royal Shopping was so picturesque and beautiful! Thanks for sharing and bringing back my best of memories :)

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