When to upvote? Within 30min! 何时点赞?三十分钟以内!

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            if( _db.head_block_time() > fc::time_point_sec(STEEMIT_HARDFORK_0_6_REVERSE_AUCTION_TIME) )  /// start enforcing this prior to the hardfork
               /// discount weight by time
               uint128_t w(max_vote_weight);
               uint64_t delta_t = std::min( uint64_t((cv.last_update - comment.created).to_seconds()), uint64_t(STEEMIT_REVERSE_AUCTION_WINDOW_SECONDS) );

               w *= delta_t;
               cv.weight = w.to_uint64();


               if( _db.has_hardfork( STEEMIT_HARDFORK_0_17__774 ) )
                  const auto& reward_fund = _db.get_reward_fund( comment );
                  auto curve = !_db.has_hardfork( STEEMIT_HARDFORK_0_19__1052 ) && comment.created > STEEMIT_HF_19_SQRT_PRE_CALC
                                 ? curve_id::square_root : reward_fund.curation_reward_curve;
                  uint64_t old_weight = util::evaluate_reward_curve( old_vote_rshares.value, curve, reward_fund.content_constant ).to_uint64();
                  uint64_t new_weight = util::evaluate_reward_curve( comment.vote_rshares.value, curve, reward_fund.content_constant ).to_uint64();
                  cv.weight = new_weight - old_weight;



Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 8.24.04 PM.png


Steemit rewards the first voter with a square root curve. On the other hand, there is a penalty for the voting within the first 30 minutes to combat the bots. The question is when to upvote to maximum the reward? My answer is: within the first 30 minutes.

Assume one voter per minute and all the voters have the same SP and use the full power. The figure is my calculation for the rewards of all the voters. It shows for the first 30 minutes, all the voters get the same rewards. There is a step at 30 minutes, then the reward decreases gradually.

Based on the simplified assumptions, the conclusion is:

  • In the first 30 minutes, no difference;
  • After 30 minutes, it decrease gradually, no big difference;
  • At the 29th minutes, up votes as soon as possible!

Disclaimer: I may misunderstand the code. My calculation may be wrong. My assumption may not be realistic. Therefore, I cannot guarantee my conclusion is correct. Use at your own risks :)

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從代碼層次上來說,你說的是正確的。也就是說,給定你要點,30分鐘整點必然優於30分鐘後(原因是時間可能讓後面的點讚者在你前面進入)。30分鐘內的遊戲就複雜啦~~~ 決定因素你也大致提了。

但這畢竟是人的世界,人的世界不只有代碼跟逐利,那就.... 更複雜了... :D

确实很复杂。我curator reward一般不到一分钱,所以都是想点就点

既然這麼複雜,那麼像我這樣的奈米級帳號,就想點就點。最後分到蛋糕屑,很好。分不到的話,至少好作者也多了一個讚。 :D








Upvoted and also resteemed!

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Appreciate the disclaimer at the end. More people need things like this in their posts haha

Best regards best wishes we are friends

According to what I've read it is only before the 30 minutes that there is a difference in rewards for curation after 30 minutes you will receive the standard percentage, this is different only if it is a highly voted post, but that would mean just being on the lookout for when trenders post.

Yes, after 30 minutes, curator doesn't need to share with author. But my understanding is the earlier voter can get more rewards

i am no expert but what I have read is yes an early voter can get a higher reward but only if the post trends, you have to guess that, so i frankly don't worry i vote when i read the post, regardless of at what moment
i read it.

For me, it doesn't matter when to vote, because the curation reward is always less than 1 cent.

Nice information no body speaks.

分赃.......这小词整 的...幽默!哈哈哈!

原来点赞 都这么多学问。看来我之前5天一睁眼就瞎点赞 是不对的啊