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傳送門&謝謝JUBI 開題目


A late entry of @jubi's Google SEO #9 (cry and thank you). This week's theme is "假". There are 2 meanings of this character: Holiday and Fake. I have many ideas, but the most I wanted to share is the following, about "fake" :)

Recently, there are some discussion about traveling Japan, and about the stunning service. By this chance I would like to share some of my experience and thought. (My personal experience and view only, I am not a expert of Japan and can't represent them m(_ _)m)

Outline 起稿

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The idea from the nice service in any condition may make me think that are they robots? We complain bad services; we appreciate warm services. If some day, all staff are replaced by robot with same nice standard of services. Will we feel boring? Will we think it is not real enough?






Japan's good services with a world famous level. Any time with smiling face and greetings. Sometimes the staffs see me out that make me feel shy because I only bought little things and not a high price. However, some people may thing that not all are real, as a human, who won't have bad mood, and can't always being nice. It is fake, or an acting, we don't know what they are thinking actually.

I had been there for a short time and being a snack truck's part-time staff. Around half of us are foreigner and the rest are locals students and full-time staff. The first thing I asked to learn is greeting. I was a shy character and it took a little bit time to practice how to greet with loud enough voice but friendly.

One day, it was not many customers, a local and I did cleaning and chat. In the conversation, I mentioned the amazing service in Japan and will Japanese feel tired or is it "real"? He showed a frustrated face, I think I asked a weird question.

Coloring 上色

enter image description here

Start from the background. The image of the staff is from my own memory. Referenced the color and environment. And also from the movie Cloud Atlas's Doona Bae. One part of the movies is about rebellion of the cloned human slaves. I wonder that in the future, if staffs are robot or cloned human, will we become rude to them? (er... even now we have unreasonable customers... the answer is quite obvious.)

enter image description here

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Robot, somehow with the idea that we can control their facial expression by programming. However, with AI, the robot can learn and what will they act by their decision? So, I drew her a encoded face.


我... 沒想過這問題。




He said that he didn't realize it or think of it. He thought that they were educated in this way from they were born. Greetings to everyone in daily life. From childhood they saw staffs greeting in that way and serve everyone very well. They are just supposed to do so and just do it naturally. I realized that it feels like I am asking does the Chinese traditional painting looks photo-realistic or not. Or asking me is it convenient to eat with chopstick. I didn't think about it.

Once, a senior staff argued with office stuff in phone. She tried not to cry and hide herself for a second. Then back to the front with her eyes still red, keep smiling and says, "welcome".

Another day, some naught kids came and order. They screwed why the drinks are so little with high prices, blah blah. My partner kept quite, did cashier; and I finished making the drinks. After they went far away, my partner came near me and whispered, "better not buy". We chuckled because we finished the job professionally; because she knew I thought she was robot like; becasue I was a bit shocked she would say in that way.

So, this is fake isn't it? Can't deny. They hided the real feeling of that moment. To me, it is too acceptable because this it is the bottom line, not being impatient, not argue with customer. This is the way to keep the profession.

Fine tune 修飾

enter image description here

enter image description here


This is another version. But it is too dark that I think we may be cruel to the robots. Watch too much sci-fi movie, lol. Thus, I turned to a brighter tone, but keep neutral by same standby gesture.

enter image description here

Epilogue 後記

enter image description here



I also being comfortable and get used to serving in their style. Sometime as a foreigner, I think that I keep smiling and friendly, the customers also pay back by a big smile. Although I do not get any tips or 10% service charge (no tips and do not have tip system there and also in many Japan's restaurant), I am still happy to do this.

After these days, I won't question are they forcing a smile. It is tired to over interpret the service with goodwill. I prefer asking myself being a friendly and responsible customer first.

文末簽名越來越長怎麼辨 The post signature becomes too long (;_;)
註1: 日本的日語讀音NIHON跟國語霓虹同音,覺得很美,借來用一下。
Image of Cloud Altas source


Such awesome and creepy pictures!! Like!

Thank you :) Glad you like it~

Nice question, whether those services are fake ? robotic service ?

I believe that's not fake.

Fake - that is real picture of whole world today, not just Japan, and that is it a sad thing.

If focus on the service, I still believe most of them are wholehearted, in fact it is a win-win approach.
Of course, different cultures may have different standards or don't care, lol.





Upvoted and also resteemed :]




謝謝~~~我也是@@ 沒有準備就看就很燒腦,結果要看幾篇解讀來幫助消化xDD

your drawing looks cute!

Thank you~新加入的朋友仔,歡迎~😲

very good painting, if you play harder I am sure you will become a great comic or anime maker

Thank you😄 (I am in animation major, wanna be great, haha)

You are already great - I have seen the proof!

Hehehe your welcome,,,please upvote and follow me sis,let us can support each other


喔!!!原來你在日本逗留一陣子,還有當店員?是working holiday 還是留學呢?⭐️⭐️⭐️



非常好的文章 爱它

@nanosesame i have a new post..

you can visit on my page @mrgreenpoet.









哈哈!! 那這樣我也有一點點了!! XD

i would like to draw on the blockchain





我的東西總是東拉西補的找靈感喇xDD 新的銀翼殺手上畫了😍

Really nice art

Political? I like the illustration, @nanosesame
Keep up the great creativity

ty~ Not related to politics, my own experience of working in Japan as a server~

It is not just Japan. It is in US too. You have a good eye to see behind the curtain. I would like to talk to you.

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