Mei Ho House Shum Shui Po, Hong Kong 美荷樓

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Some facts on Mei Ho House

Perhaps you may think that local Chinese in Hong Kong had been affluent during the British colonial control. Not true, it had been those British people at the pinnacle and only a handful of local Chinese had been able to make it to the top. Then, what had happened to the majority? Residing in concrete housing had been wishing thinking. Unfortunately, unorganized wooden slums built along foot of hills or mountains had been their only habitat choice [Source]( _Kip _Mei)

The big fire on the Christmas Day in 1953 changed the fate of most local Chinese. Slums in the Shek Kip Mei area were burnt to ashes. Social unrest, as a result, was a threat to political stability. To mitigate the social unrest, the then governor Grantham developed a public housing program. Source The program gave birth to Mei Ho House.


Mei Ho House

Mei Ho House was one of the 7-storey residential buildings in Shek Kip Mei public housing estate. The birth of Mei Ho House was a quick solution to offering a basic shelter for basic survival where living conditions, according to standards of the day, were inhumane. Residents cooked in the corridor (there was no kitchen inside each flat), used a shared toilet and stayed in a small flat of about 15 square feet. Source

Mei Ho House was preserved and turned into a fully-refurbished and cultural-themed hostel in 2013. Source. The hostel has a built-in a museum guiding all visitors through the history of Mei Ho House.

The museum

Residents of Mei Ho House donated their old belongings to the museum; the belongings are on display in different exhibition sections. Alongside those precious old belongings are some 1:1 models are on display to illustrate the living conditions.

My thoughts

If you have a stay in Hong Kong, do take the MTR or taxi to Shum Shui Po and have a half-day cultural tour at Mei Ho House. Hong Kong has more than luxury or street shopping to give.



IMG_6303 2.jpg

美荷樓(英文:Mei Ho House),位於香港九龍石硤尾寮屋區清拆後分期重建的石硤尾邨,1954年建成,是香港最早期、碩果僅存的「H」形6層徙置大廈,獲評為二級歷史建築。(




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would be better if more photos of mei ho house then and now.

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