Lobster experience in Brussel 布魯塞爾的龍蝦餐

in #cn4 years ago

Located in a quiet area called St Catherine in Brussel with plenty of lobster restaurants. This restaurant is an outstanding one according to TripAdvisor. By avoiding the tourist trap on Rue Des Brochure, we walked quite a distance to this restaurant. D77FD80D-77D1-43F6-98A7-F27090529AAB.jpeg

6 Oyster as appetizers, creamy but a bit withered.

Lobster is not the best one I have in my life but the béarnaise sauce is fabulous. 347ACF02-08E2-480D-976C-ECF4CCB603BE.jpeg Following by the desserts , a super tasty crust and whipped cream mixed up with cherries, splendid !



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very delious

How much this meal per head?

我住布鲁塞尔时也经常去 St Catherine那边大吃 哈哈 你的描述好形象:“欲仙欲死”。。。 比利时的甜品确实很不错呢 吃了国菜mussels+薯条吗


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