My late self-introduction // 遲來的自我介紹

in cn •  11 months ago

I have joined Steemit about 2 months ago, but seems that I still haven't made a detailed self-introduction so far... okay so maybe it's time to make a formal self-introduction to the Steemit community :)

我在大約2個月前加入Steemit,但是直至現在好像還沒有做過一個詳細的自我介紹...好吧,也許現在是時候來一次正式的自我介紹了 :)

Steemit and me // Steemit 與我

Still remember the time when I first joined Steemit, I was completely lost with lots of new terms, like "SBD", "Steem Power", "Power up", "Resteem", etc. And I was only getting a few cents for my first few posts at that time! I really can't imagine shortly after 2 months, I have grown up so much together with the Hong Kong and China community, and we even had our own gathering and self-designed t-shirt!

還記得當我最初加入Steemit的時候,不斷看到很多新的術語,如“SBD”、“Steem Power”、“Power up”、“Resteem”等等,真的感到頗迷失,而且我當時我的前幾個帖子只得到了幾分錢 ! 兩個月後,我真的想不到,我和香港和中國社區已經一起成長了不少,我們甚至已經有香港區的聚會和自製T-shirt呢!

Special thanks to @htliao for introducing this platform to me at the very first beginning. I am really glad to have made so many friends here! And also thank you @nicolemoker for designing such a beautiful t-shirt! I have found a model to display this beautiful t-shirt to all of you ;)

特別感謝 @htliao 向我介紹Steemit這個平台。我真的很高興在這裡認識了這麼多的朋友! 另外亦要感謝 @nicolemoker為我們設計了這麼漂亮的T-shirt! 以下有請一位model為大家展示一下這件漂亮的T-shirt ;)


This is actually a doll that I got by playing a crane machine in Japan XD

它是我在日本的夾公仔機贏得的獎品 XD

My background // 我的背景

I guess quite a lot of you may know that I am teaching Mathematics in a secondary school. To be exact, I am working as a teaching assistant only, and I still have to study one year of education diploma in order to gain the qualification of being a secondary school teacher. In fact the discipline that I studied in the university is not related to education at all - which is actuarial science, but I didn't like the nature of work of an actuary and found it quite boring and meaningless. That's why I decided to switch my career to the teaching industry.

中文版就不多說了,早幾天已經發了一篇講述我的追夢故事的文章,詳情就到這裡看看吧 :)

My hobbies // 我的興趣

Obviously I am interested in Mathematics, and actually I am interested in computer programming too! That's why I am holding a Mathematics × Programming Competition regularly on Steemit :) If you have never seen it, take a look at the latest competition that just ended a few days ago.

顯然我對數學很感興趣,但其實我也同樣喜愛編程! 因此我在Steemit便定期舉辦「數學 × 程式編寫比賽」。如果你還沒有看過這個比賽,請到這裡看看剛剛結束了的比賽吧。記得下次要參加哦 :)

Anything less academic? Yes, I love travelling too! Most of the time I travel in Asia only, like Japan and Taiwan. Fortunate enough I had the chance to join an exchange program during my university study, so I have also been to a lot of places in Europe, like UK, Germany, Italy, France, Finland, Norway, Iceland.... haha perhaps let me write some articles on my trips later on :)

可以不要這麼學術嗎?當然可以,我其實也很喜歡旅遊的。大部分時間我都是在亞洲旅行,例如是日本和台灣。我在大學期間有幸參加交流,所以我也去過不少歐洲地方,例如英國、德國、意大利、法國、芬蘭、挪威、冰島....哈哈也許讓我稍後寫一些遊記為大家介紹一下吧 :)

2014-03-22 14.12.32.jpg

South Coast, Iceland 南海岸,冰島

2014-06-07 12.03.55.jpg

Bergen, Norway 卑爾根,挪威

Music is also one of my interest. I have learnt piano for about 10 years but have stopped after attaining ATCL (Associate of the Trinity College London) (You can't guess a math nerd can play the piano well right?) Nowadays I only play pop songs occasionally as leisure activity... my piano skill has gone rusty :(

音樂也是我的興趣之一呢!不知不覺間我學了鋼琴已經約10年,但在取得ATCL(所謂的演奏級第一級)之後已經沒有再學了(想不到一個數學人也懂音樂吧?)現在我只會偶爾彈一些流行歌曲作為休閒活動,我的鋼琴技術都早已生疏了 :(

Anyway, I am so glad to be part of the Steemit family. Let's grow and be strong together!


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Welcome to family :)


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Welcome to our community :D


Welcome @kenchung I am now following you, please do the same to me, thanks...

Welcome to Steemit! Nice to meet you :)


Welcome to steemit

Welcome to Steemit @kenchung:)

I want to say "welcome to steemit!!" but I just realise I'm only a one-month newbie to steemit hahaa
So I can only say 互粉ok 嗎 :ppp
And let's steem on together!!!


haha 好主意,就互粉一下吧 :p

@kenchung Wow! that's an amazing article. Lots of information. Keep posting quality content.

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Well, welcome to Steemit. A great place to be.Am new but I already caught the steemit fever !

no real person photo no talk


圖or __ __??


i am not as handsome as you guys ah ma, so dare not post it here
afraid to be flagged


So just be as handsome as you are, do not let a mirror tell you how much handsome you are.

Ken sir 我剛剛發現還沒 follow你. All done now 😉





對啊,加入得越久了就會失去寫自我介紹的動力了... 原來你已經加入了一年,失敬失敬

Kenchung, great intro. Upvoted and resteemed

Can't wait for your travelling story!






I'm new to the community too! It's nice to read about other's interests here on Steemit. From one musician to another, I totally understand the struggle of maintaining your repertoire in piano. It's been years since I have had lessons, and now reading sheet music is like reading a new language all over again. Keep up the piano playing!


yes that's very true, so I still try my best to play it occasionally, otherwise i might lose my skills of playing piano one day!

Cool man I gave you a follow! Lets hear some of that piano playing! follow my blog as well. I see your post is doing really well already. I will contribute my upvote as well. peace!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Steemit @kenchung!!! ^u^
Dropping by to say:

i follow you, you follow me back?? just kidding lol

It was so nice to meet you, add oil and let's help all the communities that we are in to grow!!


haha nice to meet you too! good to know a scientist here ;)

WELCOME TO STEEMIT :) Glad to see more people like you - here join the steemit! Being a steamboat is a great adventure! Here you can win money while blogging! At first it will not be easy, but it is not impossible. So just write it from your heart and everything will be fine. ! Applause! Wish you much luck! Greetings, @ilhampratama!

Welcome to steemit.

Welcome to Steemit, nice post, upvoted and follow your account, greetings from Hungary! Take a look at my giveaway posts:

İm new from algeria . i hope to be as u in 2 months

Sounds like you had a great journey to get to this point. Hoping that you continue to share and grow with the Steem community. Your contributions are greatly valued :)

Welcome to Steemit! I am also pretty new here and still learning how to use Steemit and contribute.

Welcome to Steemit! I'm actually newer than you. I made an introduceyourself post as my first post, but it disappeared. Now I have decided that I won't do one until I get a 100 followers lol

I would like to wish you a warm welcome to the Steemit Community. We look forward to your posts and interacting as we build this community together. I upvoted you.

Welcome to the community!! Great post!

welcome to steem
follow me and upvote
have a great meeting

Hey, I am a newbie too !! welcome and beautiful shots!

It's good to see you here. We are glad you are here to write.

What subjects do you most interested in?

Nice to meet you @kenchung! Nice pics :)

Thank you for sharing your story @kenchung. I followed you and resteemed. I loved your photos, too. Hope to stay in touch and learn more about each other. I am probably not going to enter your math and programming contests, but I love to read and write. LOL

Better late than never @kenchung! Hope your Steemit experience goes well! BTW: I my upvote go you too $100.00 way to go! Followed

welcome to steemit. hope you enjoy it here. nice post, this flatform will let you express yourself freely. upvoted and followed. follow me back and check out my post. :)

Welcome to steemit @kenchung., Keep working well, hopefully in steemit we know each other, to add friends from different parts of the country .. I am so glad you join here, I feel have a friend again, hopefully in this steemit we support each other With the best work we have, best regards @rerycore.



哈哈,其實我的樣子可以在香港聚會合照找到的,不過都是保持低調,不然被學生發現就不得了... 上課時每天都在談論我steemit的post lol





哈哈如果你有恆心的話,可以逐個排除 :p 我想大部分人都應該在自介中貼了樣子啦




想當年我做學生 也是對老師的facebook很感興趣 hahahaa

@kenchung do not stop to play piano! Music is life, remember! If it helps, look for Yousician app ;)


yes music is life!✌