Using Android+Wechat for a better Bitshares User experience 一台安卓手机加微信玩转比特股

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Recently, in addition to the two new Bitshares web wallet I introduced here

There have been more exciting progress in Chinese community--- A wechat mini APP and an android mobile wallet.

ICO wallet---an android wallet for participating ICOs:

If you have an android, you may go to to download the android app, after installing it, it will be like the below. To note that this is 1.0 version, and it only supports android for now. Besides looking up the prices of different assets, you can also buy/sell your assets, specifically, you can buy the ICO coins via the wallet in a fast way, as it is supported by a private but powerful API which is only open to the users of this wallet.

Very simple but concise layout.

BTS DEX mini APP in Wechat ---a perfect APP to replace cryptofresh

This program is even more convenient for use, you can use it in any phone that has wechat installed. You may check the price of asset, the depth of market, and the account balance of any ID. Using this mini APP, you don't need to rely on to check the details of BTS blockchain everytime.



对于ICO wallet来说,目前它仅支持安卓手机,通过ICO wallet, 你不但可以查看价格,还可以买卖资产,尤其是,你可以快速的参与最热门的ICO,并且以最快的速度。为什么说最快的速度呢? 因为这个钱包的API服务器是隐秘的,仅对该钱包用户开放的,所以相当于独占资源,自然快人一步。


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Wow, this is amazing! Thank you so much for your efforts, the Bitshares community is wonderful!


As long as you profit, it will always be wonderful :)


You what, i love china for their massive growth on tech industries. Super app like Wechat have huge usage in their daily life.

But you know what funny? People from my country (Malaysia) only know Wechat as a cheating messenger app/ or to be used to get cheap whores by look around. Plus the app is commonly used by early teenagers thus not everyone knew its capability.

Wait its not funny but quite sad :(

I do use wechat and i dont know how is it useful ..plz post it @jademont


You may find"mini program" or "小程序"in Chinese in the application bar of wechat, then search bitshares or "比特股", then you will find it


some mini programs are location based. it may not work if you did not register your wechat in china.

This post told me a better understanding on how to manage our wallet. Thanks


Dear don't look for upvotes and followers. You may have to see your words that you use in posts and comments. Just try to make people that like your word and want to read you in future without asking for upvotes. Good luck


You nailed it. That's my big mistake when I was just staring with steemit. I'm too greedy with upvotes haha :)

Does it really work? Seems so easy but i don't really understand

Perfect option for replace old app and that slow Interface am gona try this thanks for info man 😊

very nice and educational post. Amazing.

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I will check to see how this works on wechat, as t appears it might be very good one to have, I am now following you

Good post very goo

Good post. Upvoted and followed!
Thank you for sharing information on cryptocurrency.
Please follow me back. :)

This Is Cool I Never Knew You Could Use Those Crypto Currencies On Your Phone :)

Amazing feature, FOLLOWED, UPPED and RESTEEMED

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I hope you enjoy your time here, a great community! Good post, good luck! (Remember to follow me 😜)

Nice post. Thank you.


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Really useful tool thanks for sharing this with us

Thanks for this, I'll check it out this week.

Interesting post and interested my heart when he saw his greetings know my friends may we become friends.


您介绍得很好。 谢谢

Nice Sharing this Post


WeChat is a Chinese version of messenger but more reliable