My first Xbox gaming controller is here

in cn •  5 months ago

Finally get hold of my first ever gaming controller as an adult. Chosen the Xbox latest model of controller for their excellent compatibility with Windows PC gaming. Costs around SGD 74 and ai would say it cheap as it would cost 79 in the digital mall for normal black/white version, this is a special grey/green colorway here and I love it.




However there is one thing goes quite in the opposite direction of my expectations. Playing the Deadcells recently and heavily, I thought a controller would be a great idea for a platformer game like that. Turns out I was busy dying for the first hour with the new controller.

Having 40 hours of reflexology building time with keyboard and mouse, the game mechanics has already ironed deep. Guess I should stick with the keybaord mouse setup and leave the controller for incoming new games.

梦寐以求的 Xbox 遥控器终于到手了。算是成年后第一个真正拥有的游戏手柄吧,还是正宗有名的 Xbox,有点圆梦的感觉吧。美中不足的是,原以为你手柄会让我最近玩的 Deadcells 表现更上一层楼,但是之前在这个游戏上已经用键盘鼠标累积了 40 小时,一时之间神经上也改不过来,一直死了好多次呢。这个手柄就留给下个游戏吧!

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