I’m going to design a click game that can play with STEEM / 我准备设计一个与steem币结合的游戏

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I am a game developer, and this is my first post on steemit. My friend @laonie introduced steemit to me, and spent a lot of time explained it to me, and I am intrigued. I feel that steem coins upvote function is great, so I plan to design a click game(like “click heros”).  

When players log into the game, they can enter any steemit.com account name,and the game will create a monster based on the number of steem power held by the account.If there are small amount of steem power in the account, the monster size will be very small, with less blood, and look very fragile

我是一名游戏开发程序员,这是我在steemit的第一篇帖子,最近在朋友的帮助下了解了steem币。我感觉steem币的点赞功能太棒了,于是我打算设计一个click game类型的游戏。



On the contrary, if it is a big whale’s account, the size will be very huge, with a lot of blood, and look stunning.

You can keep clicking the screen, and use various skills and weapons to attack this monster until this monster is down in a limited period of time. You can obtain gold coins in the game, and how many gold coins you can obtain is associated with monster rank. You can use the gold coins or steem coins to buy weapons in the game and unlock new skills. 

If the owner of the monster was knocked down ,then he can claim the monster and buy defense equipment through the gold coins or steem coins in the game to increase the defence power.





You can play this game on pc, ios, android platforms.If the game is developed, are you interested to play? If you have any better suggestions, you can also tell me.

你可以在pc, ios, android平台上玩这个游戏,如果这个游戏开发出来,你有兴趣玩吗? 或者有什么更好的建议也可以告诉我。


有图更好. In your post, maybe you can include image to catch attention. I used steemimg.com to host my pics and link them in my post. Check my post:

Thank you very much!




如果推出對戰模式(PK mode)就更好, 大力支持!