Visiting the morning market 逛早市

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Today is the weekend, I got up early, in order to go to the morning market to buy the most fresh ingredients,Visiting the morning market there is a benefit that you can buy something that can not be bought at other times.As soon as I entered the market, I saw a lot of people on a stall, and everyone was buying big turtle.These turtle is artificially reared, is used for cooking food.I have never used the turtle to do the dishes, as food lovers would like to try to do.I bought a big turtle back, Ready to cooking for the childrens, look forward to my cooking it!
I took some photo,Please have a look!

The following figure is doushen 下图是豆参

This is taro 这是芋头

This is old ginger 这是老姜

This is young ginger这是嫩姜

Hope you like!


wow. those turtles looks adorable. its a pity they will all end up in the cooking pot! lol. wonder what it tastes like. Can you please tell me what the turtle tastes like?

very delicious!

I can imagine...

Great post.thanks.

Shares something in your post that I have never seen.

I saw something new and learned through your shared post.
So many thanks for sharing.


mostly i like this one.

one is dry ginger and one is raw ginger

ohh dear you always share different kind of food dishes, your new post is stunning i like your pics and my support for you as upvoted.

Wow!!! andami turtol! Beri ameysing poto I lab it. Naw ay nowz wat taro is na :)

Great pictures, I never had turtle, how does it taste? Like chicken?

very delicous!

woow @elfkitchen interesting, i never seen something like this


Hi @elfkitchen!
First off - Thank you very much for sharing great Stuff. Fresh vegetable is only available in early in the morning. And you got it, that's good. I never had an experience regarding Turtle, please share your experience in your next blog. I just followed you because I like your stuff, as it's unique. Also your words are so simple and understandable towards beginners of this amazing community. Keep posting and get our Support.
By the way can I get some little support(if possible)...? I upvoted, Resteemed & Followed you. Can I have the same from yours. Regards!

Followed you!

@elfkitchen - I really appreciate for your Support. Now commenting on your today's Stuff. Hopefully we will have a great relation on this awesome Community!

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