The children's dinner party 孩子们的聚餐

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The students were separated for two months, and together again, very happy, tomorrow is the weekend, so the children asked for a dinner together.I took the children to a special restaurant near the community, decorated with a 80s style, and reminded me of the lost time.
The food in this restaurant is very nice, the children play very happy, happy day!
Let's take a look at the pictures I took, hoping to give you a different feeling!



The restaurant atmosphere is very good and the food looks delicious.
I envy the children.

So many different dishes on a single party , impressive!:)

Lovely pictures and restaurant's inside environment is really good special decor.
Thanks for sharing nice photography about food.



Your way in reducing stress of kids after having class for months is really nice and can be adopted by parents all over the world. The photos you show us are so very unique and classic but the taste of food must be yummy and persuade me to eat and eat...I am hungry now. LO

I always visit your blog because you inspires me. Do what you do. Thank you very much for sharing inspiring content.

That was a wonderful party for kids! It looks like they ate very well :))

Thank you too!

It is very interesting, thanks for sharing that information, excellent photography, delicious food, good work! I appreciate you if you show me my last post and give you your opinions, wishes and success.

Looks like fun and delicious

The kids look to be enjoying themselves and the food looks great too!

reminded me my old days ..
any yummy food.
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谢谢 :)

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Its look like a very nice place, the food for me seems a little strange, but looks nice. Which country is that?


And now I'm feeling starving hungry lol Thanks for this the children are wonderful.

Very nice post with beautiful pictures and delicious looking food. I was surprised to see the picture of the boy riding the bull "Texas style". Interesting décor as well.

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Can I enjoy with you...

Happy family

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Great, interesting photos :D

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Beautiful pics! Happy September

Beautiful Pictures, this is a nice party!

Have fun for you!!!