Steamed bun with brown sugar 奶香红糖馒头

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I often make steamed bread at home for my children to eat. I usually use white sugar to make sweet steamed bread.I prefer brown sugar steamed bread. It tastes very warm!

Flour 500g
Brown sugar 130g
Milk 280ml
Dry yeast 5g

面粉 500g
红糖 130g
牛奶 280ml
干酵母 5g
干洒的红糖 适量
step: 步骤:









Hope you like!



Oh, I love this brown sugar bun, mostly it looks delicious and also healthy for body. I must try this at home thanks for sharing the recipe.

厉害,请问水滴点点不熟怎么样避免. 我只有不锈钢


Looks Awesome!

Thank You! My wife and I have been looking for more rice flour recipes. Is it possible to have a translation of the rest? google.translate is usable, yet very poor.

wery good, beautifull
Like tasty food?

Why not put meat in the bun?




what an experience !!
really nice.

This looks so delicious 😋
I have to tell my wife to cook it for me.

thanks for sharing one more tasty product with us " brown sugar steamed bun" you nicely told the ingrediants used in this and also told complete process, i will try at home made this myself.



Love this. Great job on the post very detailed. I love sweets. Way to go. Check out my desserts k. Sweet post no really.

This looks unbelievably tasty.

looks delicious! class Thank you! and Bon Appetit

great idea . i want to try.

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It looks so yummy! I need to try it!

That looks so good. I am sitting here enjoying my coffee and wishing I had some of those to go with it!

That reminds me of a famous black sugar cake in Taiwan. Thank you for sharing the recipe.
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I am going to have to try this. Thanks for posting!

This looks good :)

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This process is quite simple for such a wonderful and tasty result! Thanks a lot!

Thanks for sharing @elfkitchen . I'll try making it with black sesame paste

Hi @elfkitchen. You shared another superb dish along with recipe, which is very good to those who want to try it at there homes. After watching pictures my elder daughter asked me to bring the material and she will try it. I will definitely do it and will share the pictures. By the way you didn't share the model of Cam. Thanks for today's sweet blog!

MMM looks so yummy !! A lot like cinnamon and brown sugar rolls !! Thanks for sharing ! Upped and resteemed !!😋😋😋👍

I see you really like cooking ^^

Yes , when I have the time ! I love to BBQ t tastes great and there's no pots or pans to clean ! Haha ! 💕👍😋

Thanks for sharing a yummy recipe
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Thanks for the recipe! It looks delicious.