Soft curd pancakes

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Hello my friends, i want to tell you about "Soft curd pacankes"



600grams curd 9proc fat

4 spoon sugar

3 spoon semolina

0,5 spoon baking flour

25g oil (frying)

3 spoon flour


Mix the cucumber with a fork and mix with egg, sugar and manna and baking powder. Leave for 10-15 minutes to make you feel stubborn.
Put the weight of the curd on a table sprinkled with flour.
Roll the cucumber into a roll and cut into ~ 3 cm pieces.
Put each curd pan into your palms.
Bake in boiled oil or butter until both sides are nicely t.y. After 3 minutes, each side of the gherkins on low heat of fire.
Serve cookies with sour cream and sugar sauce or like jam.

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me encantan las panquecas, te recomiendo coloques la fuente donde sacaste las imagenes e información. saludos


let fotos son google image, a recipe from my head, learned a few years ago.