Happy weekend 快乐的周未

in #cn4 years ago

I'm used to getting up early, and I don't have to go shopping today, so I put on my running shoes and jogging in the community.The morning air is especially refreshing. runned a few laps, and it feels very comfortable.Back home, unhurried, quietly preparing the breakfast of the family, I love this weekend.
Take a look at our weekend breakfast.

Hope you like! wish you have nice day!



i lov the food you prepare, don't you want to come and cook for me ;)

@elfkitchen our most favorite chef is on fire today. Very yummy yummy breakfast indeed. I miss this delicious breakfast now on weekends. Although I eat very rich breakfast on weekends but its proved that @elfkitchen is unbeaten in this regard. Love from Pakistan. And keep sharing delicious content for us. Regards!

dear @elfkitchen, thanx for sharing your weekend activities specialy jogging and breakfast.breakfast looks to b very yummy tasty and fresh.
upvote & resteem.

It looks so delicious please enjoy your meal. Some of the food that I saw in the picture look like uzbekistan food.

Very clean food, photography and the arrangement of the items in the post. Good job @elfkitchen! Now next question is how to take this food out from my screen and eat it up all alone without letting anybody know about it? :D

Wow.lovely food..served in very artistic manner...

Really nice post! Upvoted.

Please see my new blog about health.


It looks sooo tasty and beautiful....just loved it I love the way you prepared.....it's beautiful...



Nice Food....

I also had a nice weekend, but yours was much nicer and I'm happy for you!

Wow!!!!! Looking delicious food
and nice place..........

Looks amazing @elfkitchen. 😍

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Looks like a delicious breakfast.


I see.. Im hungry

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This is really interesting. I bet it taste amazing.
Keep it up upvoted and Followed.

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