Learn Chinese With Cryptogee - Where Is The Cake? - 用Cryptogee学习中文 - 蛋糕在哪里?

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Welcome to another Learn Chinese with Cryptogee, this is the last of the flower garden Chinese language videos. I made a few mistakes in this one, the biggest being that I actually say that I'm in the West side of the park.

Next week I will be doing something I should have probably done right at the start of learning Mandarin, and that is practice the four tones! I tend to be a kind of; ready, fire, aim! Type person, so often miss the very basics when starting to learn a new skill.

Ultimately it's a bad habit because you can't avoid the basics! Anyways, I hope you enjoy this video as well, whether you're Chinese or not, let me know below how you think I'm doing :-)

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1 - 我在公园里边。
2 - Q: 蛋糕在哪里?A: 蛋糕在桌子下边。

Love the effort bro! First tip is to work on the pronunciation of "z" sound in zai (在). It's a hard one but doesn't have as much of a "t" sound as your giving it. Also, "park" is gong1 yuan2 (公园); whereas, it sounded a bit like your were saying gong4 yong1.

Keep practicing my friend!

Hi thanks for your support and feedback! Yes I'm finding the 'zai' pronunciation hard, it is the one that the app I use, tells me I'm getting wrong the most. It's like it's not quite a zed and not quite a tee :-X

This week I'm going to concentrate on my tones; so hopefully that will help me get these tones right. Thanks for the tip about gongyuan, I don't want to let that slip because it's one of my favourite words so far, I just love the sound of it :-)


No problem! It took me quite a while as well to master that sound.

Working on tones is essential, it really is the #1 differentiating factor once your reach higher levels of vocabulary.

Very good post.
I have Resteem and Upvote your article for progress and forward together.

Like your video, your have a deep, charming voice:)

Thank you very much :-)