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RE: Ganoderma lucidum 仙草灵芝

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Are they planting the fungus on the cliff? That's a heroic action, in order to save others life, they sacrifice their own.


@cloudspyder no I don't think they are planting it, they are picking it from the difficult places they grow in the wild...My sincere respects to those who undertake that difficult task of getting the fungus from the mountains. And yes it should be expensive. I say this not in favour of the markets and shops who sell it to us but in favour of th from thwild ose workers.Because why not? Those people are taking such risks to get it for us! They have every right to ask for a high price but often what happens is that they are exploited and taken advantage of by forcing them to sell at a low price which is so wrong... The dealers who buy from them should not be allowed to make huge profits on medicine. I think medicines should always be priced as affordable as possible so everyone can buy them. The stores should make their profit of course, but not more than they should by taking undue advantage. I'm being too sentimental LOL sorry 😅🙂

@birds90 Great post by the way, thanks for sharing this 🙂

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