Car 4S shop trip 汽车4S店之行

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Friends want to buy a new car, and today I watched with him two car 4S shop, respectively, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.These two brands of cars in our here very popular , of course, the price is not cheap, are in the middle and high-end consumer.Morning we saw the BMW, afternoon went to the Mercedes-Benz 4S shop.Two brands of car prices almost, but my friend like Mercedes-Benz car interiors, and finally subscribed to a Mercedes-Benz GLC.Learned from the car dealers, the price of cars in the country are unified, the final purchase price is reduced from the label price of 20,000.
What is the price of the car in the city you live in? Welcome to leave a message.
I took some pictures of the car and took a look.



I love Mercedes <3

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A huge prize awaits you ;)

Español? Es bunghole! Habla, blah habla, habla habla, habla bunghole...

wow!!! you have taken a nice photo of that car @birds90.. I wish to have one like that if will be given a chance :)

They are really beautiful looking cars.

I really love the blue beautiful and masculine!

best of the best

wow.... amazing beautiful, thanks

nice cars braaaaaaaah!

the best technologies of engines has bmw for me to understand, beautiful photos and incredible cars, thanks for sharing

Thank you too!

nice post @birds90

I'm sorry, but I like Audi more and I recommend you too

Great photography . @birds90

What is your favorite?

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