Use Excel to Find Your Friends Who Does Not Upvote You 用EXCEL寻找那个好友没帮您点赞

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I saw @oflyhigh and @kenchung wrote a post about how to find your friends who does not upvote you by using Python. I am not a programmer and I felt is difficult for me to follow their method and also those who are not programmers too. Finally I find that Microsoft Excel can help you find your friends who does not upvote you too.

我看到@oflyhigh@kenchung写了如何使用PYTHON来寻找那个好友没帮你点赞帖子。 我不是一个程序员,我觉得我和那些不是程序员的人很难使用它们的方法。我发现Microsoft Excel也可以寻找那个好友没帮你点赞。

Step 1: List Down Your Friends' Steemit Username in Microsoft Excel. Change their Username's color to Red for later use.
步骤1:在Microsoft Excel中列出您朋友的Steemit用户名。 将其用户名的颜色更改为红色。

Step 2: Change Your Post URL from to


Step 3: Click Your Post's Vote Detail and Copy the List of Voters to Excel's Sheet 2
步骤3:点击您的帖子的“VOTE DETAIL" 并将点赞您的帖子的名单复制到Excel的Sheet 2

Step 4: Copy Your Friends' Steemit Username from Sheet 1 to Sheet 2
步骤4:将您的朋友的Steemit用户名单从Sheet 1复制到Sheet 2

Step 5: Click Column A to Select All

Step 6: Click "Data" at Navigation Bar & then Click "Remove Duplicated"
步骤6:点击导航栏上的“Data”,然后点击“Remove Duplicated”

Step 7: Click "Remove Duplicated" at Pop Up Box
步骤7:在弹出框中点击“Remove Duplicated”

Step 8: 1. Click "Unselect All" 2. Uncheck "My Data Has Header" 3. Select "Column A" 4. Click "Ok"
步骤8:1.点击“Unselect All” 2.取消选中“My Data Has Header” 3.选择“Column A” 4.点击“Ok”

Step 9:
A. Number of Duplicated Value Found = The Number of Your Friends Upvote You
A.Number of Duplicated Value Found = 帮您点赞朋友的数量

B. Your Friends Who Does Not Upvote You still in Red Color
B. 现在剩下还是红色名字就是还没帮您点赞的朋友

C. Now you can send them a reminder to Upvote you
C. 现在您可以提醒他们帮您点赞

Video Demostration/视频演示;

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Could you link to the post about doing it in python. 谢谢

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Definitely worth an upvote and a resteem :)

Thanks, will definitely try this out.


Yes. You should try this out.

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haha this is like spying on people. You cant force someone to upvote you. I upvoted this post because I want to show you some support. However here there are so many posts to upvote and little steem power for the day


This method work great for a group of friends who agree to upvote each others.


Hmm interesting. I am following you in order to stay in touch and send in my support.
However dont it depend on steem power? I mean if you are up to 200 and agree on upvoting one another once a day (ignore those that post 10 times a day) at 1 % then does it work ? I am interested.

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Thanks and keep steeming.






太棒了。请问能否贴出 @oflyhigh@kenchung 的帖子链接?没找到。

This is very useful, thanks for sharing

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对啊!大多数人电脑里应该有MICROSOFT EXCEL的软件。

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It is good but if you don't have a computer, what will you do

im not getting it so im not doing it...for me upvoting is if you like someones post.... i upvoted you because you have the idea... and how to...

Thank you. Definitely will do this. A minnow thanks to you.. :)

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听说你学了新技能,我赶紧来点赞。谢谢好文,让我学会了vote details



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