Yoga, Homesteading, and Travel - Day 2 // 瑜伽,有机耕作和旅游 - 第二天

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Here are some snapshots of my life in travel, sustainable living, and yoga. Have a great day!

Taken in the Bay Area

Rose geranium cuttings, possibly my favorite propagation. I can't wait to steam distill these babies for rose geranium hydrosol! .

Taken in Alleppey, India

During a canoeing trip through the backwaters of Alleppey we stopped for some refreshments on the side of the canal - coconut water and fried bananas. I loved how the fried banana's "to-go" container was a banana leaf, a multifunction of the banana plant that is zero waste :-) .
在通过阿勒皮回水的独木舟之旅中,我们停下来在运河边吃点小点心 - 椰子水和炸香蕉。我喜欢香蕉的打包容器是一片香蕉叶,香蕉树一种零废物多功能的植物:-)。

Taken in Costa Rica

Just horsing around 🐴. This photo was taken in Costa Rica while I was working on a sustainable farm. On our second to last day we went on a whole day trail ride to secret waterfalls. I used to take horse vaulting classes when I was younger, which is pretty much like yoga on a paddle board except on a horse. This is one of my favorite positions to relax on a horse and I love combining yoga practices with deep trust and connection to another animal.

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You quite a traveller, have tasted fried banana but not with coconut water. Yoga on a horse, got a lot of things to learn from you.


wow uts really brilliant unique photography
happy travel dear

Such gentle photos. They are full of harmony with nature. It's great that you can travel and be in agreement with your inner self. This peace and tranquility is felt from your photos and your smile.

you are looking so pretty and fresh.
thank you for ur nice photography.

I loved Alleppey what a place. Haha Costa Rica next.

@anwenbaumeister 你长得真是甜蜜,请问你是混血的吗?:)

I like your yoga style. It so good.