我们来了之英伦深度游 Part 59 -- 沉浸在古堡花园的遐想。

in cn •  last year 




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@amylee, steemit上我觉得只需要静静读你的生活贴就值了~~~ img



Waaooo that's a really beautiful garden and as a nature lover person i like walking in greenery and seeing those beautiful birds,

The shot of the window like design is just awesome and i love the face that you choose a place like this to enjoy with your family because it's just a perfect and refreshing spot for family togethers 😇😇

Superb photography work, and you are looking very pretty also.

Really enjoyed this post.


Thank you very much for your kindly compliments. I’d love to walking in greenery too. May you have a happy time with your family in this new year.❤️💐🤝

Hi @amylee. Thank you for sharing another lovely post. I don't read Chinese but I like the photos that you put in them. I was born in England and I spent the first 10 years of my life there. My mum is living in England. She stays in Bournemouth. England certainly has a place in my heart.

I also think that it is great that you have family on Steemit. I have spoken to Sandia several times. She was really good to me when I first arrived. Her encouragement has definitely motivated me to put more effort into my own content. So many people are inspired by her and see her as a role model. Steemit would not be the same without her. On top of that, I really enjoy talking to her. She’s so smart.

I’m so sorry that your content was unfairly attacked recently. I hope that does not discourage you from posting. I would also like to wish you a Happy Chinese New Year. Have lots of fun and celebration with your family.


Thanks @spectrumecons. It was so nice to meet you here. I am touched by your kindly encouraging words and comfort . The affairs of the world are inconstant. But I will do my best to work it out.🙏🤝

Thank you very much for your support to Sandia and me. She is so lucky to have you guys being with her. Hopefully she can do more useful things for all of you and for steemit in the future.❤️

England is a great place with beautiful views and glorious history. We are all impressed by her charming. 💐🎈
Wishing you and your family a very happy new year and very good luck.㊗️🎉

这些绿树繁花真是赏心悦目 最后那个剧目单设计得还挺应景 就像本打开的魔法书 召唤人们来趟奇幻之旅 : )


嗯嗯 谢谢亲 看得很仔细 好贴切的评论👍确实这个城堡最大的卖点就是它多次成为明星取景拍摄地 或许大多数人都是通过电影电视剧认识到它的美吧😄

那个喷泉好现代 和古堡呼应得真美!