[Part 2] My Own Experience: Depression; Symptoms 3 and 4. 抑郁症

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Part 2 of my own battle with depression. I discussed about my symptoms 1 and 2, how they started.

So, once i started to lose interest or pleasure in doing the things that i enjoy. My emotional state eventually started to deteriorate. Once a person started to have dysfunctional emotions, their hormones will also start to mess up. And this leads to my uncontrollable weight gain and sometimes weight loss. I was unable to maintain an ideal, normal or healthy body weight. I started to eat a lot or sometimes i dont eat anything at all.

Because i couldnt maintain a healthy diet, i slowly started to lose sleep. I once went on without sleep for 3 days with an excuse i need to complete my assignments but actually i just cant seem to fall asleep, even if i went to bed exhausted. I became an insomniac. Laying on my bed thinking about how worthless i am and feeling guilty for even existed. I even felt guilty because i feel like my parents had a worthless daughter like me.

Once again, i will talk about the rest of the symptoms on my other posts.

Thank you for reading. Stay tune!



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