My Journey To Good English: Movies That I Watched (2) 我看的第一部儿童动画影片。

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Today I will be covering on the movie that help me improve my english. The movie that i am writing about is an animation, so, it is family friendly. This movie, like my previous post about my book, made me realized what i can learn by watching a movie.

This movie is, well, for me, by far the best animation movie ever made. Maybe some of you know this movie because this movie is older than me. For real. This movie was released in 1994 and i am born in 1997, this movie is 3 years older than. This movie is my eldest brother's age. Some of you might be able to guess this movie already, this movie is, of course, The Lion King.

I grew up watching this movie over and over again. If people ask me about what my childhood was like, I will definitely start singing the songs that are in this movie. I even named one of my pets after the main character, Simba, from this movie.

Like the previous post, I strongly recommend this movie to be watched together with family especially with the little ones because of the english and also the moral values.

这是我小时候看的一部富有教育性的儿童动画影片,The Lion King,就像前一篇帖子所说的在影片里,学到了许多道德礼仪和孝亲敬老!还有许多的英语运用和通用的词汇。

这部动画片是1994年的影片,而我自己却是生于1997年。虽然这部儿童动画影片比我大了三岁,和我的大哥的年龄一样大。或许有些人已经猜到了是什么影片。那就是The Lion King。


希望大家会喜欢我给大家介绍的这部影片,The Lion King,一部百看不厌的儿童动画影片。谢谢!


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米高叔叔,这是我daddy极力推荐给孩子们看的影片! 用教育影片教导孩子走向正确的人生道路。

good dinosaur ,大白。。。。

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