Announcing the "My #Club5050 Promo Graphic Design" Contest. 100 Steem in Prize Money.

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#Promo-Steem - Promoting the #club5050 Initiative by the #Steemit Team and supported by @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 - Promo Graphic Design #Contest

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Promoting the #club5050 Initiative by the #Steemit Team

It's competition time again.!!

Following on from the recent announcement by the #Steemit Team to launch a new and exciting Initiative to incentivise and reward users who "lock-in" their liquid #Steem and Powerup to #Steem Power, I am pleased to announce today a #Contest that will run in conjunction with the October #Steem Graphics Month Campaign which is fast approaching the half-way point.

The #Contest is to dig deep into the ever growing army of Graphic Designers on #Steemit that are looking for a #Contest to showcase their creative and artistic talent in Graphic Designs.

Graphic - #club5050


Incentivise and Reward

As more details of the Initiative and Project come out, I am looking forward to seeing the Project roll out and more users taking advantage of "locking in" their liquid #Steem by powering up to #Steem Power and picking up rewards for doing so.

October #Steem Graphics Month

To help promote the launch of the #club5050 Initiative by the #Steemit Team, today I am announcing a Graphic #Contest to coincide with the October #Steem Graphics Month Campaign that is currently running.

100 #Steem Prize Money for #my-club5050promo

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100 #Steem Prize Money

With 100 #Steem in Prize Money up for grabs, I am pleased to announce the rules for the #Contest.

My #Club5050 Promo Graphic Design - #Contest Rules

  1. The Post Title for the Entries to the #Contest must read...... "My #Club5050 Promo Graphic Design by {@ username}."

  2. Entries must be in no later than Midnight Sunday 31st October 2021 (00:00 GMT UK time)

  3. Entries must include the following five tags as the first x5 tags of their #Contest Post: #club5050 #my-club5050promo #promo-steem #steemexclusive #contest

  4. Graphic Designs to include the following reference words:


Closing Date - #my-club5050promo

Midnight Sunday 31st October 2021 (00:00 GMT UK time)

Prize Money - #my-club5050promo

There will be x10 Winning Prizes.

Winning Entries will win 10.0 #Steem each.

Wishing the #Steemit Team great success

Looking forward to seeing some cool and exciting Graphics promoting the launch of the #club5050 Initiative and in the meantime I would like to take this opportunity to once again wish the #Steemit Team great success with the Initiative and to all those taking part in the #my-club5050promo #Contest.

Thanks again for reading.


Promo-Steem - Promoting the #club5050 Initiative and Project by the #Steemit Team



I really appreciate the regular #Steem promos that you publish regularly, proud to see #Steem marketing and I've learned a lot from you.

And I also see a lot of growth and profit that has a positive impact with the #Club5050 program. So I try to support and participate in this #contest.

I am also studying to become a prospective designer for graphic design. and this really supports me to publish ideas and at the same time promote the hard work so far in the Steemit community.

I have prepared this in the form of an editor and a simple graphic design that I will participate in the "My #Club5050 Promo Graphic Design" contest. My respect for you and also the entire #Steemit Team.

My link entry for #contest : Make #Steem great again! Steem On!

Sounds a golden opportunity for we designers. I'll try my best to design something unique and will try to impress our honorable contest holder sir SK by designing something awesome. Sir, steemcurator01 declared that, #club5050 tag Only to use when we power up or else we are not eligible to use the tag so I'm confused on this. Do we participants can submit only 1 entry for contest or we can submit multiple designs before 31 October? Kindly enlighten me on this. Thank you!


Do we participants can submit only 1 entry for contest or we can submit multiple designs before 31 October?

This is a great point and I think it is only right to allow users to submit as many designs as they like.


Wow so we can try multiple designs! This is a great chance for us and we can submit one everyday by following the unique tag you suggest for this contest. 💖💕❤️

Sir, steemcurator01 declared that, #club5050 tag only to use when we power up or else we are not eligible to use the tag so I'm confused on this

This is a valid point.

If @steemcurator01 would like us to remove this tag from the #Contest so as not to confuse matters, I am more than happy to take it out of the x5 tags needed.




Please be aware that the #my-club5050-promo tag will not register in the first x5 tags and will be changed to #my-club5050promo instead.



The #steemit team has taken a great decision by launching this #club5050 project. Many users who are not aware about power up will build a great habit of power up by this project to get support from #steemit team. Promoting #club5050 is also very important like #promo-steem project. Because it helps to develop the #steem ecosystem. Thanks for announcing this great #contest.

Powering up is necessary to build a #steemit account and It's give us a great experience of #steemit when we have enough #steem power. The importance of power up #steem is huge.
First time when I join #steemit, we used to get SBD and STEEM as reward and we have to do power up manually but now we get SBD, STEEM Power and TRX as reward. This change has made this platform great again and I hope this #club5050 will also help to develop this platform and the #steemit team will success by this project. I want to thank #steemit team for this kind of excellent ideas and @stephenkendal also deserve something big for his great activities what he is doing to develop #steemit.

This is very important #contest for the #promo-steem project. Every #steemit user should know about the #club5050 project, so that everyone can join this project. This project is really very helpful for the users, this platform and the #promo-steem project. This #club5050 project has make the job of #promo-steem project easier. I hope #club5050 will spread after finishing this #contest and we will get some awesome graphic design to share on others social media platform. Thank you.

Ready sir, we will enter the contest and this is very interesting for the #my-club5050promo contest.

This will support us all in promoting #Steem, #Steemit and #club5050. This is great and it is one of the ways that the value of STEEM will increase even more in the Crypto market.

Make #Steem great again! Let's support #club5050 and what are you waiting for, from now on. Steem On!

This is a great opportunity for graphic designers to win this prize money because total 10 participants will win this #contest, so you have a great chance to win it. This #contest will help to spread #club5050 project to almost every #steemit users and total powered up value of #steem will increase rapidly. We also can get some perfect graphic designers for our #steem graphic month to design #steem promotional graphic design. Thank you.

Wow. Surprise surprise.

@stephenkendal organize Promosteem contest.Finally the show begin b. Now there will be no obstacle in the promotion of Steem.. 👌💪

Graphic design is always playing very important role to promote something. The initiative of #steemit team is appreciated. I think this is good news for every #steemit users. The #steemit team is working very hard to develop this platform and you also doing almost the same. So you should support each other to make this platform better. Thank you.

You always have a good way of promoting Steem to the masses, Steem will be great with your effort to seeing it at the top. #Club5050 is a a good initiative and hope that everyone who joins the campaign gets the needed upvote or support for it to continue or last. Thanks for the support always sir @stephenkendal

This is a great initiative.

I try to participate in this competition. As well as telling everyone to participate in the competition.

If you allow me I will translate it into Bengali and it will be convenient for Bangladeshis to participate here.

#club5050 #welovepowerup

steem on! 💗💓💓

@tipu curate

I think a fool can loose this oppurtunity. This is indeed a great way to indulge more and more users to the steemit. However these contests are supposed to be very beneficial for the steemit. Graphic designers should grab this opputunity to show theit talent and promote steem on next level.

Great support as always.

Shared on my social media in order to give it more exposure so that others people can see it and participate on the contest

#my-club5050promo happy to see both the curators are also promoting steem

Shared to twitter.

Please help to support the Marketing and Promoting of #Steem and #Steemit by sharing your Blogs to Social Media.







Please be aware that the #my-club5050-promo tag will not register in the first x5 tags and will be changed to #my-club5050promo instead.



This @club5050 initiative is very good. Thanks for helping me come across this useful initiative.

Hello Sir, sorry

I invite you to sponsor a Meet Up event I will be planning for March-April 2023. Please consider your support. We are also interested in developing #meetup and #promo-steem tag campaigns during this period.

We thank you for your support.

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