CLUB5050 ~ Better Life with Steem ~ The Diary Game 22th November 21 | Delicious Pizza

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Hello Steemit:

Hello to my Steemit mates, How are you all. Hope you all are doing well in your respective lives. First of all, I am very glad to be a part of #club5050 because it helps us to get rewards and increase our account reputation. Let's start with another diary game in #club5050.



I woke up at 9:45 am and asked my mom to give me breakfast. Then I took a shower and get ready for a job. As I am working in a reputed company as a Software Engineer. I went to the office at 10:50 am, 10 minutes earlier than my official timing. Then I worked in an office where I developed a web form.

Programming with a cup of tea

Me in Office


After working 3 hours continuously, I went to the company cafeteria where I eat lunch with one of my close friends. The company where I was recently employed, provides us with a good environment. After having lunch, I made tea with my friend and then after some talk, we went again to our software department where we sit and work for a company. Then after some time, my off time was close, so I finished my work before off time and then get ready. Then I went to my home with my friend.

View from my office


After coming back to my home from the office, my mom welcome me with a delicious pizza which was made by her. I love Mom made pizza ❤

Mom made Pizza

After that, I watch cricket matches on television and had some chatting with my close friends. Then I went back to my bed to sleep. That's my day went.

This is My Achievement 1 Post


it is really a good day your lovely mom made for your meal. We spent this precious time with our mom and take her lots of love ,may all moms are live long ameen.

Ameem, Summa Ameen ❤

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