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Hope the start of the week is treating you fine, i am having a pretty good Monday which happens to be the time for Powering up to join into #SPUD4STEEM.


Even though i am a sponsor of #SPUD4STEEM i still want to continue to power up, 2 days ago i made it to 31,000SP.

Today i have some earned SBD's to exchange on the internal market, 19 SBD to be exact and got 227 Steem sweet!

I had 31,075SP before todays power up


And after i now have 31,302SP


Here are some other cool stats



Next stop is 35K

Kind Regards @kiwi-crypto 🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬



Greetings my dear, in advance thank you very much for your support. Congratulations on your "Power up" I wish with all my heart to have a SP like yours and even more! Greetings and blessings.

#welovepowerups #club5050

Thank you for that

I look at bigger accounts and wish the same

I look at bigger accounts and wish the same


Hey man. hope you are cool. Can you help me to check this id's activity.

The spirit of success is always my friend


Very Nice Power Up to Join with #SPUD4STEEM.
Great You are still a member of Club100. You are Extraordinary having a very high Steem Power of 31,302 SP. Wish You always success Sir.

I like to be great like you

I hope you are always healthy and happy in living your days, success is always for you

I was thinking of racking up 50 SBDs and then doing a nice Power Up

Congratulations, good result !!!

Congratulation 31k.
Next is 35K.
Thanks @kiwi-crypto
Have a Great Day .

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