I appreciated this contest so much and the inspiration you gave to the community and people like me is profound. I alwas wanted to come to milano and meet you! Discord?

We hello YAN ..... you can think of it, let's paint on some wall here in Milan .... but not in this period, I have to fix some things and take care of my physical state ..... certainly in the future ...... you find me on discord, where you wrote me in the past ..... Ran.koree # 4558

You are loved here man! I stayed on steem because of so many awesome people and you are one of them. I wish you the best possible betterment and a swift recovery. Tried discord but it didn't work. Something like we don't share the same server.. if i reach you there we just exchange no.

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write me your number and name .... discord ..... I look for you .....
prova il server di splinteland

Ehi ran!!! Che è successo??? Sei sparito??

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nulla di che.....dopo ci si becca su discord;)

So sorry ..really loved taking part in your creative contests, of the alphabet.

do not mind ... I made the decision ....;) things have a beginning and an end .... and I decided that the time had come;)))) thanks again for participating contests ....

Good riddance.

ahhahahhahhaha anche a te!!!

ma lascia perde e condividi i post da noi

sinceramente mi sono rotto il mio tempo lo impiegherò altrove......

si va bene ma non sparire!

oh scusa, ho pensato che sarebbe stato chiuso il 10 ottobre, per favore lasciami lasciare il link a questa presentazione.

mi spiace ,non ci sarà piu' nessun contest creato da me........nessun disegno creato da me e nessun post ..

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E' stata davvero una bella serie di contest, ed hai riscosso notevole successo, grande ran, complimenti, gustati questa !BEER

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