CW22: CloakCoin Update

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Dear Community,

we would like to give you a short overview about the current status of the project:

Exhibition: Our Australian Coordinator Joshua Marriage will join the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Australia in Sydney on the 29th of May and represent CloakCoin. You can have a look at the event here: Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Australia

After the first great experience with Joshuas activity at the Bitcoin & Blockchain Fair 2018 in Sydney, we are really hoping to get the further exposure with the dedicated support of Joshua as a Cloak Coordinator.

Website: The website is constantly upgraded. We are expanding the functions with our user-friendly interface. You can take a look at the latest major changes and improvements:

Cloak Promo Video: The new languages of the official CLOAK promo video will be available soon. We will offer the video in Chinese, Korean, Russian and Spanish. Through the increasing awareness for cryptocurrency and blockchain, it is very important for us to explain CloakCoin in various languages. Additional translations of the video will be available in the near future as well.

Development: The development team is still working on the improved wallet version. Furthermore, the development team is trying to map the simplest, optimal and best implementation for the Cloak Dev Fund. It is very important to avoid future problems by concentrating on the final version of the Dev Fund which needs a lot of preparation time. The dev team gives 100% commitment on the realization of the Dev Fund and for the implementation in a timely manner. We will keep you updated!

Merchants & Merchandising: Recently, we got many requests for Cloak shirts. We were already one step ahead and spoke to various merchants who are ready to print and deliver Cloak shirts and many other products. We want to expand constantly our merchant network and enforce Cloak as a means of payment.

In addition, we would like to inform you about the new official CloakCoin Shop. You will be able to buy shirts and many more articles with CloakCoin. The online store is currently under construction but will be available soon.

We are also working with Crypto & Proud on a great collection for CloakCoin. You have the possibility to purchase your Cloak shirt via Coinpayments and pay with CloakCoin.

Partnerships: Our latest partnership with Crypto Playhouse brought us a next step further and various activities are planned for the near future.
In addition, we are very pleased to announce a new partnership with a very interesting company in the next few days. Stay tuned!

Besides the current market dip, the whole Team is working every day to bring the project to the next level.

Peace & Love

Team Cloak



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