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The first step for AIR DROP Clean Token is complete.

Find out how many Points you have accumulated for the Clean Token AIR DROP.

Yes, the first phase dedicated to all Early Delegators ended on September 1, 2018.

All the people who believed in this project from the beginning and delegated Steem Power have increased the power of @cleanplanet.

Results since the launch

The launch took place on June 15, 2018 and from day 1 we were able to count on the support of people like @baart @ragepeanut @vevette @fayetristan @planetenamek @felander @zonguin...
enter image description here

Since September 1, 2018 (the closing date of the Early Delegators period), 44 of you have made a Donation or Delegation for a total of more than 8 000 Steem Power.

This week the Steem Power counter of @cleanplanet has exceeded the symbolic bar of 10 000 SP

This voting power accumulated by the @cleanplanet profile has made it possible to reward more than 60 Cleaners present in the Steem community.

We are pleased to note that videos submitted with the Tag #cleanplanet are rewarded with an average of $20.00

The Clean Planet team thanks you for the confidence you have placed in this project.

Keep in mind that the Clean Planet project is No-Profit. We do not derive any personal benefit from your delegations.

All Delegations, Donations, Curations Rewards are Power-Up on the @cleanplanet account to offer better rewards to the benefactors of our Planet.

You Early Delegators will earn Clean Tokens based on your amount of Steem Power delegated and the number of days of delegation. In total this gives you a number of Points.

It is at the official launch of the SMT Clean Planet that you will know your equivalence of Points in Clean Token.

All Early Delegators are in this table and will share 10% of the total volume of TOKEN created :


**Important Message: **

Of course, your delegation must always be active on the day of the official launch of the SMT Clean Planet

The two creators of CleanPlanet @french.fyde and @yann0975, who are currently the 2 most important delegates, are withdrawing in full from the Early Delegators table and renouncing the accumulation of their Points acquired from 15 June to 1 September 2018 inclusive.

Indeed, it is impossible to conceive that the creators of the CleanPlanet movement is more than 50% of all the future Clean Tokens distributed for the Early Delegators part.
We made this decision because we think that in everyone's eyes, @cleanplanet would have appeared as a not serious project, or even a scam... And as you begin to know: EVERYTHING IS VERY SERIOUS!

The two creators will be present in the Table of Delegators which began on September 2, 2018 and will last until the official launch date.

We very quickly find ourselves in a new article for Part 2/3 which will present information related to Delegators.

Thanks to all the early delegators:


Some Links To Consult :

How @cleanplanet works

Who are we

One minute to understand

BIG ARTICLE - Participate and SMT


Participate in a Delegation


THINK ABOUT @cleanplanet


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So beautifully posted. I will say a lot of great posts.

I wish i i would've known about these delegations sooner, I would've delegated much more but I recently delegated to a few other projects. I will be upping my delegation as I earn more SP because I believe this is an amazing idea! Thanks for caring about the planet 😊


Thanks man for what you're doing for cleanplanet!
I'm not good at making comments!
Just Thank you and share #cleanplanet with everyone you know!

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Can you translate this article in french please? I'm very bad in english...


Sur @dragibusss !
Nous pensons aussi aux FR... et un article fr est prévu pour le même sujet !
Merci de ton implication depuis le début !


La version en français est disponible ici

I won't be getting any. I'm all in on the #dirtyplanet community.

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My username is spelled incorrectly @cleanplanet.


Yes thank you for this ... it 's correct now I think
Sorry 😐


ok, no problem :)

I just noticed this post, Thanks for the shout out and for letting us know about the token amounts!


you're welcome !
you still are a delegator... keep your delegation until smt to receive AIR DROP of our token...
See you soon
@yann0975 and @cleanplanet