Clean Planet | The Revolution Comes From Evolution (part.2)

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A long way has been covered since the creation of the @cleanplanet account in May 2018.

In our first major article, we announced the evolution of the CLEAN PLANET entity.

Already at that time we had the ambition to create our Token:
the 1st environmental Steem token.
The hope that created with the announcement of the Smart Media Token was really a very motivating boost.

The launch of a lighter version of the SMTs was expected to be operational by 24 March 2019 (announced by @ned). As you have seen, none of this has happened. Our entire system based on these foundations needed to be reviewed.

Waiting again? And make an acknowledgement of failure....
The CLEAN PLANET project has not received any support or assistance from Steem in our commitment to fight pollution on Earth.

YOU, this great community of Steemians, YES!!!!!
You have supported us and you believe in this global movement from the beginning and we must thank you again and again.

Without your support and commitment, nothing would have been possible...

@cleanplanet is not a SCAM, they understood it:

@a-non-e-moose @a0i @aerith77 @amvanaken @anttn @astroboy @baart @bobby.madagascar @cadawg @carolegbellette @ciontheemrald @consciousangel7 @consciousanjel3 @coralcastle @criminalacorm @cryptojiang @cryptospa @cryptoyzzy @direworlf @downrighthustle @dragibuss @dwiitavita @dylanhobalart @dynamicrypto @ecoinstant @ekitcho @el-cr @elevator09 @elmetro @encryptdcouple @evildido @exator @fabien @fayetristan @felander @flauwy @flauwy @french.fyde @gentmartin @gregan @grizzabella @hafizullah @heimindanger @illucifer @improv @isabelpereira @itharagaian @ixindamix @jaki01 @jaraumoses @jasuly @jayna @jeanpi1908 @jznsamuel @kalypso56 @knowhow92 @madushanka @mamoun123456 @masoom @masterthematrix @maxwell95 @mcoinz79 @meanbees @mermaidvampire @michealb @michelios @minsoenaing @misslasvegas @moderndayhippie @muscara @mvd @nathen007 @natubat @orlandumike @otom @pataty69 @pcourtnier @pcourtnier @phoenixwren @planetenamek @preparedwombat @prettynicevideo @ragepeanut @rambaran @reggaemuffin @roelandp @runicar @saskia @scottcbusiness @seb-art @shanibeer @shellyduncan @siavach @soluce07 @steemauvergne @steevc @suesa @swam @swapfuture @tbnfl4fun @teodora @thebluewin @tibfox @toufiqurrahman32 @ultraseven @urme33 @uyobong @vdux @vevette @vintherinvest @walterjay @xtetrahedron @xtetrahedron @yann0975 @yesslife @zoneboy @zonguin @zorank @ecoinstar @tonygreene113 @jesapelcroot @emrebeyler @cleanplanetbd @certain @alexvanaken @dronegraphica @anikearn @mdaminulislam @ale6grande @cryptoyzzy @anttn @urme33 @yann0975 @intrepidsurfer @sandflea @toufiqurrahman32 @ahmanik @hafizullah @peachyladiva @akramkhan @tibfox @dailyplogger @mitchel55 @exator @jesapelcroot @good-darma @illucifer @lego-cat @ancolie @nathanmars @emmyomo @soluce07 @corsicana @cryptospa @steemblogg @ellenripley @kalvas @gregan @knowhow92 @mamun123456 @chrismartinez @mawahab @phoenixwren @iptrucs @sudutpandang @lebey1 @matthewthonyit @bookoons @kalypso56 @padosky @edwardsun55 @adetorrent @madushanka @metama @mondoshawan @moderndayhippie @saiful39 @aunik @ferrisbueller @phortun @ytrphoto @oliviadejeu @roozeec @davedickeyyall @louis88 @amvanaken @jeronimorubio @prettynicevideo @sebbbl @mrprofessor @giosou @oredebby @vintherinvest @steemhelpinghand @adip @armia @el-cr @guchtere @hash-tag @grizzabella @vishera @timroijers @shahriar9 @uyr @letenebreux @crypto51 @czechglobalhosts @jaki01 @steevc @rmach @jjprac @steemmatt @tbnfl4sun @xtetrahedron @evecab @limesoda @slobberchops @sumit71428 @blackinblackdevil @nathen007 @pataty69 @dwiitavita @hickorymack @steemmillionaire @brezeey @krakonos @perry1 @tomhall @shanibeer @sho-t @bucipuci @bethvalverde @blackayla @alexisdauliac @hairyfairy @sodom @tintin1108 @afroray @grizza-fit @dagmar-tirol @surfercz @zzuzza @azes @mimi121 @route-m-d @nelsonchalbaud

Every day @cleanplanet receives more and more content that puts you on stage for a cleaner futur.

Today with the spectacular tool that is STEEM-ENGINE we have the ambition to create the identity token of CLEAN PLANET!


This Token creation solution on the Steem blockchain is the result of a passionate work and how can we not thank those who created it?

To create our Clean Token, we must be able to provide the following information:

  • Token name
  • Url
  • Number of Decimal
  • Token symbol
  • Maximum number of Tokens

As you will have understood, the creation protocol is light and simple but between the announcement of SMTs and this fabulous Steem-Engine tool, the foundations, the economic mechanisms, the distribution and the exchange are no longer the same... "So we adapt!"

For those who are not yet aware, Steem-Engine is planning the integration of Smart Contracts: so eager to see this, to know what will be possible to implement in the near future!

To connect to Steem-Engine, it is the same process as for any other steem application such as Steemit or D.Tube

New Tool means New Distribution!

"A Fair Distribution"

The Clean Planet association is Non-Profit and to ensure that the future distribution of Clean Token is as fair as possible, we have established this principle of distribution:

50% is dedicated to the @cleanplanet Account
25% are dedicated to AirDrop
15.5% is dedicated to Internal Financing
9.5% are dedicated to the Team and Partners

In Detail:


The @cleanplanet account will have half of the Clean Token issued or 17,467,440.180.
All of this amount in Clean Token will be used exclusively to further reward authors of Clean Planet content.

What is the use of the Clean Token? Reward the actors for their eco-citizen actions!

Each Upvote made through the @cleanplanet (steem) account, will automatically receive Clean Token in addition to its Steem / Steem Dollars / Steem Power

###AIRDROP Clean Planet: 1 Point = 1 Token

We had announced from the beginning that Clean Planet would make its AirDrop and now we can announce that 8,773,720,090 Clean Tokens will be sent to the Steem-Engine account of all Airdrop participants!
How do I know if you are part of the Airdrop, it's simple, you must be in at least one of these 3 categories:

  • Early Delegators
  • Delegators
  • Cleaners

Anyone who played a role into one of these categories is rewarded for their involvement from the beginning of the CLEAN PLANET movement until March 24, 2019, the date that marks the end of obtaining points converted into Clean Token. For each Point you earn, you will receive 1 Clean Token in return.

Bonus, you said Bonus!

We consider that any help, even small, has been of great help.
The whole Clean Planet Team wanted to reward all these actors even more for their eco-citizen benefits: the most relevant way we found was to reward you with the Clean Token Bonus.

To find out how many Points you have accumulated go here


As you should know, the Clean Planet Team is composed of 4 members dedicated to the development of this movement but we are fortunate to have several partners who have worked in the background to help in the operation of CLEAN PLANET, but also provided assistance both in the various translations and in the many solicitations, all in addition to their work or on their personal time.
The complete list will be available soon, but in the meantime know that @arcange, @criminalacorm, @evildido, @baart, @andyjaypowel, @uwelang, @pennsif, @itharagaian, @adip, @lisanomadsoul, @mvd and many others are among the Partners!

All the persons concerned by this category will share the capital of 5,433,720.090 according to the following breakdown:


We aim to make @cleanplanet a major player in the field of alternative solutions in the fight against pollution, global ecological awareness and the preservation of our environment.
We are convinced that every individual who contributes positively to a cleaner planet by performing his or her eco-citizen act deserves to be rewarded, supported and motivated by a community that has the means to do so.
To achieve the objectives we have set ourselves, we need to grow.

We look forward to seeing you in the next article to learn more about this process.

Check out our blog posts about:

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That's really great news for us. And yes it is true that from the beginning the planet lovers help this project a lot. I am really happy that this project is going to up with more popularity.

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When I see it is very good project then I delegate 100 sp and future I think that I delegate more steem because it is very helpful for our environment. I stop this work because in my area have very few bin and small bin and different bin .

Hello! When I went to go look at my points, it shows my points under cleaners, but under delegators it says 0,00 - but I've been a delegator for some time. I did change my delegation from 10 to 25 SP, so maybe it got messed up when I changed it? Thanks!

Hello ! You roght to be vigilant !
Excuse me for this ... we must update the ranking board... 😀
You are on the official delegators... you have not stop your delegation 30/10/18 to 24/03/19 ... then ...


Awesome, thanks very much!

Thank you for your vigilance: we have updated! ;)

Where are the 'upvoters'? :)

Thank you ! You are a great helper my friend 😀


Thank you! :D

This is a great news,You are doing great work.

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My steampower is much lower Yet I tried to help cleanplanet as much as I could. I think @cleanplanet is the best one project.

@cleanplanet team, That would be great news. I'm in with clean planet project for supporting steemians. Glad to see more newcomers join and do something to nature via cleaning.

I am busy because I do not have the time to do this great work. But I like the work of @cleanplanet. So I did the 3 steem delegate. Hope everyone can do a little bit more to help improve this project in the future.

Great news! Cleanplanet go planet go!🚀🚀

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hehe ! do you like tokens ? @jozef230 ;-)

😀 I like tokens! Whould you like give me symbolic 1 clean token?😉 I remember I promise you do tutorial polish language about cleanplanet..

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No worry guy !
just have a look at WEBSITE
You are in the AIR DROP ... and you will have yours
see you

Wow! Amazing news! First of all, I'm very proud to be part of this long list of early adopters. I believe that every little step is important, and that together we can contribute to the well being of our unique planet! Thank you, @cleanplanet!

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I am delegate 1 steem today. I am new in steemit. So my steem does not have much. In the future when many of my steem will be done then I will delegate all. @cleanplanet.

This is wonderful news!

What will our token buy? I'm joining Steem-Engine. Let me tell you what to do now?

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Congrats @cleanplanet

could you include my name on that list, i've been participating too :)

Done ! Guy

Thank you. I'll be uploading a cleanplanet video soon:)

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Thanks for mentioning. It's a pleasure to do some cleaning for our planet.

Awesome developments! Resteemed and increased my SP delegation to @cleanplanet

Congratulations on the milestones achieved so far. What a great initiative! I look forward to continuing to support the project and watching the growth. Moreover, I look forward to seeing the positive change for the environment.

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Proud to be mentioned 🤗

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Great decision @cleanplanet I'm looking forward to the new Token on Steem Engine!

Great job not waiting on Steemit to make SMTs. Steem Engine is likely just as good as SMTs were going to be!

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Cool project but usually when something us not a scam you dont need to shout "is not a SCAM"....

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Although I am not active for contributing in clean planet and just be delegator. I just want to write my opinion here, that you do best team. We don't need Ned to make SMT will release, we have steemengine. Now march has passed and there is no clarity about SMT, many people laugh about SMT that has never been realized and always compares it with EOS. I always say that steem and steemit are different, STEEM is bigger than steemit itself. GREAT work team, I'll increased the amount of my delegates to clean planet.

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Thank you so much dear !
These words are so happyness for us !
We try to do our best ... to built hard bases for @cleanplanet
See you soon
@yann0975 @cleanplanet

The Clean Token sounds pretty interesting. And I am even on the Airdrop Cleaners list 😀 . A major part of this post is about the distribution of tokens - is this a bit like an ICO? What I am missing are further information about the usage of these tokens. Where can I find them, what can I do with them? Should I research the steem engine? Maybe I am just impatient and should just wait until everything is implemented... ;)
Anyway, great progress, keep it on! 💚🌳✌️

Can i am join your project sir? I am delegate 1 steem now