Taking Out The Trash

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This summer has been busy with getting things done around the house and farm. The Big Man blames my nesting instincts. Either way, it has been gratifying to accomplish some long awaited projects. One of those projects was to gather all the junk around the yard and toss it out.

I don't know if it's a farmer thing or what, but they seem to let junk build up instead of taking care of it before it gets out of hand. I know my husband says it's because he doesn't have time. But I know what he really means is that it's not his priority. Because when the wife gets involved, suddenly they have time! Lol.

We had three different piles of garbage that needed cleaning up. One was a pile of metal from house and yard projects we had done in the past that we just let pile up. It was never meant to sit there as long as it has, and it grew and grew.

Another was the result of a lack of communication on the part of the bin builders. I guess that we were responsible for taking care of whatever garbage they created. I told my husband if they build a bin again, to have an empty truck sitting ready for them.

The last pile was in the corner of a shed that had been sitting there for years.

We borrowed a truck to haul out the metal scraps to the local dump. Now granted the truck is small by today's standards, but I was still shocked by how full we filled that thing! Laying on the ground, it didn't look like much.

It's surprising how you can get so used to something, that once it's gone/taken care of, you realize just how much it really was bothersome. Now with all the stuff picked up, we were able to properly mow the grass and the plan is to pile our winter wood in the empty corner of the shed.

Have you taken advantage of this season to get any long awaited projects done?


Yes I have!! Been working on the house, getting rid of stuff and repainting some rooms. Time to get it sell ready, that way when I am ready to sell the house there won't be much to do!

Are you selling it soon??

When the Father is ready for me to move then I want to be ready to go! I don't have any immediate plans though....

Maybe it is something in the air, or maybe it is the approach of a change in seasons, but I am feeling the cleaning too. It feels so good to unload the dead weight. That truck you have there has an impressive load.

It must be a change of seasons. I know last winter I really regretted not cleaning before the season came. I felt trapped in a house unorganzied and filled stuffed with junk.
Hope you get everything you want accomplished. The feeling is so freeing!

Holy moly hebrewhousewife! A whole dump truck load of junk? I know, it's deceiving..it doesn't look that bad until you start picking it up. Why did you have to borrow a truck, you guys have all kinds of trucks. Does it cost to take it to the dump?

Well.. my husband is busy with harvest and so I asked my dad for help. I knew he wouldn't want to drive their trucks so I asked him to bring his own. Yup, it does cost to dump there.

Oh I see, was your dad a farmer too?
Hey, what are your plans for after the hardfork?

Yes he was.
I don’t know. Should I have any? I haven’t looked into the hardfork so I don’t really know anything about it.

Howdy today hebrewhousewife! Well the coming hardfork will take place on the 27th of this month and has people debating about it. Many think it will be the end of Steemit. lol.. I don't think so but they are changing the payout percentages for posting.

We've been getting 75% of the money available for posting while the people voting have gotten 25%. But they are changing the payout structure to 50/50 so the posters will be getting alot less for creating posts.

Therefore, most creators are planning on posting much less because it will be harder to earn on the posts. Some say our earnings from posting will be almost non-existant. No one knows for certain how it will all play out but at least you know why you aren't earning anything after the hardfork!

Not sure how I'll change my voting either but I'll let you know if I find a good system or method. I'm talking to some knowledgeable people about it who I'm sure will maximize their earnings with a good system of curating.

It seems like that would encourage more voting, if there's more in it for the voter? Would that help in the long run? I have no idea. Just thinking out loud. Did they ever say why they are changing the payout percentage?

Howdy hebrewhousewife! I'm not sure anyone understands their reasoning but yes it will encourage voting. Of course there will be less to vote on because everyone is planning on posting less because of earning less. It's hardly worth it now and will be even less.
In the future they're supposed to come up with ways to offset the loss of earnings from posting but most people are doubtful about that. The naysayers think this is just a way for the whales to earn more since they don't post but they have alot of bots voting!

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