Our Favorite Snacks

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Team Reyes loves @josejirafa's #clayartcontest so they're joining again this week.


This week's theme is "favorite snack", it's only proper to take this activity to the kitchen! Mama and Baby Reyes made their own clay for this contest. Here are the ingredients used:

1 cup hot water
1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
1 tablespoon cream of tartar
1 tablespoon oil
Food color/egg dye

First, they dissolved the salt and cream of tartar in a bowl of hot water.

Then added the oil and mixed in the flour.

The dough was kneaded so that it would have the same consistency as the regular Play-Doh.

They added a few drops of food color to the dough.

It is kneaded again to combine the colors.

The dough was portioned so different colors of clay can be made. Look at H here breaking a sweat because of all the kneading!

Once they got all the colors they need, Mama and H started making their favorite snacks.

Guess what Mama was making:

A garden salad!

It had different varieties of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, apple chunks, hard boiled eggs and grated cheese. The dressing would have to be an imaginary vinaigrette!

While Mama was busy making her salad, H made her favorite snack:


Would you look at that! The little miss did this by herself with the help of her Play-Doh tools and her imagination.

These are Mama and H's favorite snacks: Salad and Spaghetti

Daddy Reyes wanted to join in the fun but he had to work. He would have made a mean burger... He did all the cleanup happily though because the ladies got too tired (and sleepy) after all the kneading! Thanks, Dad!

There you have it, folks. Team Reyes is tagging @mermaidvampire to join this week's contest. This is a really fun activity to do with kids. H rates this as a 10/10, she really had an awesome day because of this!

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You guys are rocking clay molding. Wow, I love what you made, looks yummy and fun! Well done.

Haha please try this with your daughter Kar! She'd thank you especially if she's into arts and crafts!

haha i did this when i was a child. thanks for this post for reminding my childhood memories. hehe

It's still fun for grownups haha! You should try joining, it can be a good stress reliever :)


thanks! :)

Awesome.. i actually thought it was real salad at first glance..

yay thank you for your kind words @junebride! H says nakakagana daw sumali ng contests dahil sa mga pumupuri ng work nya :)

It looks so fantastic! I was afraid you wouldn't join. I actually meant to end the contest yesterday but I opted not to since I was expecting other people to enter. And are both H and you with your splendid creations. Natawa ako sa itlog for the salad hahaha. It looks so real.

Thanks for entering my contest. Do send my regards to H. I love her creativity at such a young age.

We're glad we beat the deadline! This is really a great contest, a nice activity for families to do together. Doesn't matter if we lose, winner na kami sa sayang naidulot ng pag gawa nito. Kudos to you, @josejirafa for hosting this!