Something that Scares me- Clay Art Contest #6

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Thank you once again to @josejirafa for hosting these great clay art challenges.

The Theme for this week is Something that scares you:

As a young child I used to have reoccurring nightmares which meant that I would have the exact same dream repeatedly and could even, within the dream, predict what was about to happen next. If I woke up from these dreams I would fall back to sleep and the dream would carry on in the same spot I left it. I had about 5 different themes to these dreams. Oddly enough, all the themes included myself being chased by something or someone. One of the themes was of Piranha chasing me. These piranhas were not normal in size they were larger than life, traveled in a pack and I would have to swim to shore to escape them trying to devour me. Once I got to shore I would scramble as they bit at my feet but to my horror they would always come up on land and continue to come after me defying the need to survive only in water. I would struggle to run through the sandy beach and would keep tripping and falling, fully aware of their presence close behind me. My dream, thankfully, would end abruptly without a defined outcome and I would awake startled and afraid. Eventually these dreams subsided and therefore my subconscious was no longer held captive to the reoccurring nightmares. To this day however, any prominent subjects within the 5 themes still haunt me and as silly as some of them are, I think they will always bring back a time when I felt insecure, vulnerable and very scared.

From a completely different standpoint, I also made this to express more of an intangible fear.

When I first became a Steemian, I was very fearful to post my content. I would hover my cursor over my post button and feel the physical effects of anxiousness and worry that I would not be accepted, understood or appreciated on this platform. I am an over thinker by nature and so I would worry about the permanency of my posts on the blockchain. I fear personal failure and backlash from others. Thankfully, I forged ahead and pressed my post button for the first time when I created my introduction post and it has become a little easier each time but then I decided to enter contests. Not really expecting to win but more so to get involved, familiarize myself, maybe make new connections and step out of my comfort zone as well as to be entertained by other entries. This added a bit of the fear back into posting because in many contests, I feel very much out of my league. I continue to face those fears and keep posting and entering contests and strongly encourage anyone else that may feel the same anxiety to do the same. We all have something individual and unique to add and you may be unknowingly being an inspiration to someone else, which alone makes pressing that post button worth all the while.

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Keep on posting! Your posts are entertaining and inspirational and I really enjoy them.

Thank you so much! I have found working with clay to be stress relieving and an enjoyable way to spend time while avoiding my housework. haha

Hey there @purplemagic! Its nice to see you once more. I have had the same experience with regards to the anxiety of posting. I joined Steemit around December 2017 and I was afraid of all the critism that I would receive. Joining contests helped me a lot to gain confidence and find what I really love to do here. It is really one of the reasons why I conduct this contest because I want to inspire others to showcase their creativity. We never know if it will lead you to your niche. Contests from @anomadsoul and @opheliafu made me grow so much in a month and I hope I could inpart the same to fellow minnows.

I really like how you opened up about this. Its a reall valid feeling but I do hope it wont cripple you. You make such great art and it would be a pity if that will be put to waste.

Thanks for entering my contest. I hope you find yourself here in Steemit and make an effort to grow more. Best of luck

How incredibly kind @josejirafa, thank you and rest assured I will not let anxiety win. My 10 year old son told me shortly before I joined Steemit that he was sick of me wasting all of my talents by not using them. I really heard him. I too, would love to get to a position to help others and it's admirable that you are surpassing any anxiety you've had to be able to branch out and help others as well. 😊