Clay Art Contest #5 | Your Favorite Snack: Filipino Street Food

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Hi everyone! This is my entry to Clay Art Contest #5. It's my first time to participate in this contest and I'm glad that this week it's all about food! (I looooooove food) Honestly, I can't remember the last time I touched clay. And because of this contest, I realized it's really fun and therapeutical! Thanks @josejirafa for hosting such! I think I will continue joining from now on. :)

The theme for Clay Art Contest #5 is: Your favorite snack. I didn't even think twice of what to make.


| Pinoy Street Food |

From top to bottom: Kwek kwek, hotdog on stick, squidballs, isaw

Surely, if you're Filipino, you're already familiar with each street food.

If you're not, you probably have no idea what isaw and kwek kwek are. So here's a brief description:

| ISAW |
Chicken or pig intestines, grilled over hot fire or fried (with flour). Best eaten when dipped in chili onion vinegar.
Price: Usually PHP 5.00

Quail eggs coated in an orange colored batter, and deep fried. Also best eaten with chili onion vinegar or specialty sauce.
Price: Usually PHP 3.00


● Best Buy Modelling Clay
PHP 40, National Book Store

● Walis Tingting
Free, borrowed from dorm mate


  • For today's work, I mainly used orange, white and red modelling clay. For isaw and kwek kwek, mix orange and white because these shouldn't be too orange.
  • Roll the clay until the food shapes are achieved. For ball-shaped food ( if you have limited clay like me), use a color that you wouldn't need and just wrap a small amount of the actual color around it.
  • For the hotdog, lightly slice the red clay just as you would do to a real hotdog. I experimented and added small 'burnt' marks using black clay. (I wished I'd also done it with the others).
  • Put on stick once done. For this part, I used walis tingting because WHY NOT? It’s accessible, thin (perfect for miniature) and free!

Finished Product

Sad to say, I don't have the step by step photos for my work because after I opened the box, I got too excited and did not stop until it's done. But I don't think you'll need them anyway because this is very easy to make! You just gotta keep rollin' that clay!

This is my first ever ART contest here on Steemit and I'm looking forward to improve with every try. :)

I'm nominating @deeday31 to participate in this contest. Here's the link for this contest. Good luck to us!

Thanks for your time!



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Ang galing mo po ate mag sulat at mag gawa ng clay parang tunay yung hotdog tsaka isaw . Napaibig tuloy ako sa isaw

yeah. the burn marks make it look so much more realistic. but the isaw is the best! :P

You like isaw, @chinito?

I was really excited for someone to create art patterned from Filipino food and here you are with your entry. This really made my day. It looks good enough especially the hotdog! For a first timer in the contest it looks like you are doing great.

Thanks for joining my contest @ohkaaay. I hope my small little upvote will do for now. Best of luck for you and your entry!

Hi sir @josejirafa! Thank you for appreciating my work and also for hosting this contest. It's bringing out the "wannabe artist" in me. I'm surprised to be the first one to do Filipino food. :) I'm already looking forward to the next theme! :)

PS Upon advise of someone I made some modifications on my post and removed the photo of the walis tingting. But I think you already saw it. I hope it wouldn't affect your judgment. God bless sir!

Hahaha no worries. I did smirk on that. You really had to borrow one to complete your work. I think it speaks effort and dedication. And oh, I appreciate your honesty. Thanks 😊

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Ang galing mo palang magsulat, at gumawa ng pagkain. Best student ka siguro nun nasa elementary ka. upvote for you my friend. steemit ph footer.JPG

thank you sir @guruvaj! Nako kbaliktaran ho sa best student, sakit sa ulo po ako ng teachers hehe

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Wow! I miss this! looks real! I'm glad you join this contest...

Thank you for inviting me to participate @tonie :)

Seems like the real stuff! Hahahaha! Bigla tuloy akong nagutom at gusto kong papakin yan. When I was a kid, I always mold dinasaurs! This post just give me fond memories when I was a kiddo. Definitely brings out the best and creativity of each child :)

thanks @fycee! Dinasaurs? Wow you’re good! I was just molding basic shapes as a kid. Hehe. And I agree, it was so fun playing with clay for the first time in years!

wow astig! parang totoo!!! gusto kong kainin yung hotdog at isaw!!! :D

Haha thank you @teamreyes! Naku naubos ko na e. :D