Clay Art Contest: Childhood Toys

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Hello steemians it's me AnabelGb and again i'm joining a contest the ClayArtContest to be specific which is hosted by one and only Mr. @Josejirafa. The theme of this week's challenge is Childhood toys. I joined this week's contest because I find it so interesting not just because by molding the toys that I used to play from the past but beacuse it reminds me of a simple living back then, I mean simple but very amazing, simple but a very precious moments, simple as in 100% no internet connection. I wish I could turn back time (teary eyed).

My entry for this ClayArtContest week #7: Winnie the Pooh, Toy Duck, Doll house and Jumping Rope.

Winnie the Pooh: No underwear but I it so cute.

Toy Duck: The sound of this toy can really catch your attention.

Doll House: You can play it with your cousin and friends.

Jumping Rope: You can play it alone but its more fun if you have playmates.

Im proud to say that I am BATANG 90's.

Thank you and have a great day. 😀

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Those are very cute models. Thank you for sharing them with us :)

..cute indai @anabelgb

Hehehe, thank you ate @carine1988

Hi there @anabelgb! I guess we are around the same age. I really miss those times as well where gadgets didn't rule over our childhood. It does bring in a lot of good memories of the past. Having two sisters as my playmates, I believe I had history of playing with a doll house as well lol. It was just inevitable. Gender bias aside, those were some really fun toys we had back in our days. Thanks for sharing your art and giving me a glimpse of the past

Absolutely, it really does bring a lot of good memories. Anyway, thank you so much sir @josejirafa for making this contest, I super enjoyed it. 'til next time. 😀

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