Rosita by F.Tarrega (Guitar)

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This piece was composed by the romantic Guitarist and Composer Francisco Tarrega. He was born in 1852 in Spain and has composed many, many pieces for the guitar. Needless to say he was one of the greatest composers of the classical guitar!


Rosita is a piece composed in a style of a Polka. So I hope you feel like dancing!

Thanks for listening!

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Hi @grayarty,

Thank you for this post. Although it was a nice polka, I am still not much of a dancer ; -). However, I enjoyed listening to you play this lively composition.

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hey thanks a lot!! 😊😊

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Woww... please teach me sifu... 😅

haha thanks bro! I wish I can draw like u! 😅 I think it would be easier for me to teach how to play, than for you to teach me how to draw lol!

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Thanks my friend! ☺️✌️

Great playing! Love those upward semi-swept arpeggios and super precise harmonics!

Thanks! 😀😀✌️✌️

Fantastic, i Love this music !!!!

Thanks! 😀😀✌️✌️

Great playing! Resteemed!

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