My Junior "Promposal" Piece - Ich Denke Dein (Original Composition)

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Hello everyone! Prom season is here, and, as a result, I have a large story to tell.


Several weeks ago, during musical season, one of my friends texted me and asked if I'd be interested in going to prom with a mutual friend from musical. I texted back that I would be interested if she was, but that I had to wait until I auditioned for the state choir festival states (as PMEA state choir was the same day as prom) to decide if I was going or not. As a result, I said that she should find someone else. This mutual friend is an exchange student from Germany who speaks three languages (Vietnamese, German, and English) fluently. She alerted me that she would wait for the results from my audition. Unfortunately as well as fortunately, I did not make it to the State choir; and, as a result, we were set up to go to prom as friends.

However, after thinking on it, I decided that the way we got set up wasn't memorable enough for her "big trip to the United States." I decided to (as the kids say) "prompose to her" in a meaningful and memorable way. So, last week, I began work on this song to give her (in order to make it a unique and memorable experience). I looked through some Goethe poems, and decided on this one because it expresses ideas which I greatly relate to in a non-romantic way. I then made a poster and "promposed" to her today. Here's a picture we got after the fact with the poster:

The Poem

I Think of You
I think of you, when the shimmering sun
Gleams from the sea;
I think of you, when the glittering moon
Is mirrored in streams.

I see you, when on the distant path
Dust rises;
In deep night, when on the narrow bridge
The traveller trembles.

I hear you where, with muffled roar
The wave rears up.
In the silent wood I often hearken
When all is silent.

I am with you, however far away you be,
You are by my side!
The sun sets, soon the stars will shine for me.
Ah! were you but here!

Ich Denke Dein
Ich denke dein, wenn mir der Sonne Schimmer
Vom Meere strahlt;
Ich denke dein, wenn sich des Mondes Flimmer
In Quellen malt.

Ich sehe dich, wenn auf dem fernen Wege
Der Staub sich hebt;
In tiefer Nacht, wenn auf dem schmalen Stege
Der Wandrer bebt.

Ich höre dich, wenn dort mit dumpfem Rauschen
Die Welle steigt.
Im stillen Haine geh ich oft zu lauschen,
Wenn alles schweigt.

Ich bin bei dir, du seist auch noch so ferne,
Du bist mir nah!
Die Sonne sinkt, bald leuchten mir die Sterne.
O wärst du da!

The Composition

First of all, here is the composition. After it, I will discuss the inner components. (I apologize for singing der Sterne instead of die Sterne).

Interesting Ideas?

So, there is largely nothing of interest going on within this piece. However, there are several instances where semi-interesting things occur. I will discuss those concepts here.

The first interesting thing is within measures 2 and 3. In the bass, I kind of outline the A, but avoid going to it until measure 4. I wouldn't say that this is innovative, or evil for "breaking the rules," I just think it is an interesting concept.

Another interesting concept within this piece, due to the poem, is the phrasing. As you can see, the poem is weighted more towards the first and 3rd lines of each stanza. As a result, breathing is difficult in the A section. I am glad I decided against making this piece slower. Though, I will make the point that there are places within the lines where breaths can be taken without interrupting the thought (I hope at least) as proven by the B section.

The other interesting thing which I would highlight is the scalar idea which occurs in the B section. When I showed my theory teacher, he called it "canon-like" referring to how the voices mimic each other. He recommended I add more of it (which I did). Originally, this idea started at measure 35, and was (and is) pretty much two sequences alternating in the voices. When he said this, I went back to measure 32 and added the downward scale which expanded on this idea.

Other than that, I would say that this piece is pretty straight forward.


Thanks for reading this! I hope you enjoyed my piece as well as the accompanying story. I am designating 20 percent of this post's rewards to the account which I gave TT. If you are interested in following her, the account is @ttdeutsch, though I don't think she's figured out how to post yet. I will probably post another post summarizing my prom experience on Saturday. Hopefully, I will see you there!

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What a memorable proposition. Did you perform this on the piano and sing to her? In German?

I hope you have a fantastic time at the prom!

  ·  7 months ago (edited)

Actually, I gave her the sheet music then made this post to make an "official" recording.

Dude - don't you know you're supposed to throw a pebble at her window at 3 am and then serenade her from the street?

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  ·  6 months ago (edited)

Haha! I think that's the way to get acquainted with the local police. Besides that, I didn't mean for the song to be a romantic gesture.

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Oh my! You are much braver than I was at that age (and probably still!). It's a decent composition and a pretty memorable occasion! Was there a public audience?

Sadly, I did not have an available piano and did not sing it for her. I gave her the sheet music then sent this article later that night. There was a small audience for the promposal however.

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