Amazing 15-Year Old Opera Singer Anna Mercer Sings Schubert's Leid der MignonsteemCreated with Sketch.

Anna Mercer and Brian Way perform Leid der Mignon by Schubert.

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If you enjoy this post please consider UPVOTE - COMMENT - FOLLOW @buckydurddle

Thanks for watching,
BuckyDurddle and Anna


Fantastic performance! I really enjoy Schubert's songs. Schubert truly was brilliant!

Thanks cmp2020. I will pass on your nice words to Anna. She will love to hear that.
Thank you very much for the resteem. Much appreciated.


Very nice. I never appreciated classical music until my 15 year old son, @cmp2020 pulled me into it within the last couple of years. He's studying piano and music composition (and also voice, French horn, and mellophone to a lesser extent). It's neat to see other kids appreciating classical music at such a young age.

Anna did a fantastic job with that performance, and the piano accompaniment was flawless.

Thank you @remlaps I followed your son's feed. Very cool stuff. I will pass on your kind words to Anna.
BuckyDurddle and Anna

Wow, now that is talent!!

Thanks @sportguy84. I'll pass it on to her.

An outstanding performance. It's inspiring to see such talented and dedicated young singers as this. Thanks for sharing it.

Thanks @cosmicorder I will be sure and pass on your kind words to her.
BuckyDurddle and Anna

Absolutely haunting. A voice beyond her years!

Thank you sinstonalden. I will be sure to pass on your kind words.

@buckydurddle - This just came back up in someone re-steem feed. I just realized that Anna Mercer is your daughter. You must be spectacularly proud!

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