Ha ha! Well, we land at 430Hz around the Classical era in period instruments. Historically, it was just all over the place, from 392 up to 466 or more!

I would like to be able to tune an entire DAW to a sligtly lower frequency.
Around 430 my brain seems to find it more pleasant to listen to. Even if i don't like the music.

I'm not into classical music at al. But when I come across something with a good swing to it then i'm sold.

Many people also say they enjoy the lower pitches of historical performances (although sometimes it is much higher). I wonder if they are reacting more to a lower relative pitch (if we had 430 as normal en, then anything lower would be pleasing!) or the different timbre of the instrument compared to the modern day equivalents.

I have heard music in the Dorian scale on instruments tuned to 432hz and the same music played on instruments tuned to 440hz. I hope i'm explaining this correct, the harmonies with different combined octaves sounded natural in the 432hs tuned set of instruments, where the 440hz set sounded unnatural.

I first heard the music in 440hz tuned that sounded good.
then they switched to 432hz tuned, that was WOW experience.
then again back to the 440hz and that was a MEH experience.
then again back to 432hz set and all the listeners where convinced that 440hz was great for mass production, but not so great for harmonics.

This was 20 years ago. But the difference was big enough to remember this today.

Can't remember all the other details I was the least experienced person in that group. I just happened to be there at the right moment.

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