Sonata Prima (Castello) for Treble instrument (LIVE/unedited)

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This is the Sonata Prima from 'Sonate Concertate in Stil Moderno, Libro II, Venice, 1629' by Dario Castello. The sonata is written for unspecified treble instrument and continuo. In my case, that means a violin as I can't play any other sort of treble instrument, and no one likes a recorder!

Anyway, this piece is often one of the first pieces that a newly minted Baroque player plays, as an example of early Italian Baroque music. It was no exception for me either, this was a recording from the early days of Baroque instruction.

I hope you enjoy the music, early Italian Baroque is an interesting style to learn about, much more bizzarre and unexpected that you would consider "Classical" music to be!


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Awesome post, I have an avis appreciation for classical music and the music arts in general. Thank you for sharing this!

Thank you for listening!

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I just adore this kind of music. Beautiful!

Nice recording man :) I think I played this once already as a continuo player... Unfortunately with a recorder player. And I survived!

Well what doesn't kill you...

Thanks for listening, we have all had to play for recorders... A necessary evil in our specialisation!

LOL you are forcing me to listen . I can't in good conscience just vote or support like I listen or read a post without actually listen or read
It's a good thing

It was , more soothing than anything else .
your broadening my world :)

Ha ha, being forced to listen is compliment! Thanks for taking the time!

Thank you for sharing otherwise I would have never heard it . And thanks for being part of the community

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