Sandakan 山打根

in city •  8 months ago 

My wife and me are now inside the airplane heading for Sandakan, the Nature City, at the East Cost of Sabah. And it is also known as the “Little Hong Kong”. We stayed in Sandakan for four years, and it always has a place in our heart.

Sandakan was the capital of Sabah prior to the formation of Malaysia. It was a booming town in the sixties due to flourishing timber business. There were people from other parts of Malaysia chose to be in this town for a better income. Nevertheless, its glory seems to have faded away with many young adults moving to other places in Malaysia and beyond for a better prospect.

It is normal that the situation of a town or city changes due to various factors such as economic downturn. Therefore, we should realise that no place on earth is where we can depend completely although it has sentimental value in our hearts. Instead, we should seek for the peace of the place we are in as long as we are there. Should we leave that place one day, we should also leave joyfully.






A glimpse of Sandakan: its buildings, sunset and main road.

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