Cigar Of The Day - CAO CX2 - A Brief Review

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It is a beautiful afternoon here in Oregon, time for a rare non-evening cigar. The CAO CX2, which stands for Cameroon wrapper times two, should be a perfect afternoon cigar with it’s mild tobacco wrapper and filler.


Wrapper: African Cameroon
Binder: African Cameroon
Filler: Nicaraguan, Colombian
Vitola: Robusto
Price: $5.00

The light brown wrapper has a slight oil sheen, feels silky smooth, and has minimal visible veins. A small guillotine cut is plenty for an open draw, I figured it would be, the cigar has an overall light hand-feel.

Pre-light aroma is full of sweet raisiny tobacco with an over-ripe funk to it.

Flavor and smoke


After toasting, lighting and letting the CX2 settle, I notice a simple flavor profile heavy in sweet tobacco and cashew. Cameroon tobacco has a lovely natural sweetness to it, although this is closing in on too much, at least for a mild cigar.

The cashew/nuts are also a prime time note in the CX2. I do like nutty and sweet notes, but mainly when they are balanced with other nice flavors such as spice and/or espresso, both which are lacking, at least so far.


Instead of a nice spice on the finish, the CX2 has a zesty mint nuance, much like peppermint. This is even more prominent while retro-haling, although it isn’t overpowering and the retro is smooth.


The burn is getting uneven toward the halfway point, part of this could be that I got distracted for a few minutes, but a well constructed cigar should be able to handle up to 5 minutes away.


It worked itself out nicely, no lighter touch up needed.


Not a whole lot to write about since the halfway mark, finishing up now, the CAO has been flavor-same throughout my smoking session. I have had several CX2’s and they have always been consistent and decent cigars.


Final Thoughts

A one dimensional cigar, the CAO CX2 will disappoint if you are looking for a complex stick. I however do not rate cigars on complex vs. simple flavor profiles, it is depends on what a smoker is in the mood for.

The CAO CX2 is a mild cigar in strength, and mild-medium in flavor, this could make it a nice morning cigar with coffee, or a cigar to have before a stronger one. It was overall enjoyable, with good flavors, but do not expect to be highly entertained or wowed by the tobacco in the CAO CX2. Still, it is a good cigar for the price, and works well if your mind is occupied with other activities while smoking.


My emoji rating 🙂

emoji scale(🤢😖☹️😕😐🙂😀😋🤗😍)

Smoke time: 50 minutes
Main tasting notes: Nutty, sweet, peppermint
Strength/Body: mild/mild-med
Construction Easy draw, some uneven burn
Cigar paired with: Starbucks iced latte
Price opinion: 👍🏻

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i'm happy cause at last you reviewed a cigar that i have tried...i agree totally with your review,i would have told the same things...its a mild-medium cigar far away from complexity (which is not so bad after all)...i will say though that i enjoyed my second try, after let it rest in my humidor for about 6-7 months, much better ....

...but let me take it a little further...Greg i have already confess to you my love about media noche Edmundo...i tried few days ago the torpedo size 6* 54 if i'm not mistaken... i will say this cigar is a must as tasty..god i loved it...its not like the edmundo- Edmundo is a gift from god according to my opinion -...but its a very nice gets full bodied on the 3rd third but still rocks!!!... forgive me if i say too much!!! Good morning from Greece!!


That's right, I keep forgetting I need to try the media noche! I have seen how popular they are with online reviews as well. I wrote it down so I remember to get some on my next order, thanks for suggesting it, can't wait to smoke a couple and review!

Excellent review you shared so great to see that wonderful