Sunday thoughts on Saturday: A message for the outcast.

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Why me?

Esther 4: 13-14, a message for the outcast.

You were created for a purpose. For such a time as this. Would the greatest leaders in history still be great if they were born in a different? Would they still the best athlete, the best musicians, or the political influencer of their time in another time? Say a century earlier or later, would it still be effective? See those game changers didn’t allow society to tell them, to guide them, nor limit their ability to achieve all that they achieved.

The outcast of their time.

Perhaps God made you as a mess for a purpose for a reason. In order to be an effective outlawed, don’t let others determine your change. Accept your differences.

Like you, Esther was the outcast. In modern times, she would be the foster child. The one with a different family every six months. The one by all other eyes was without.

Then through her differences, she is selected, married the king, is elevated to the highest position. Her uncle comes to remind her that her differences serve a purpose. A purpose that is bigger than herself, bigger than her position, greater than her current focus.

it’s not about what you like, it’s about what you're called to be.

I like to pray, so I can’t preach. I like to sing, so I can’t be anything other than on the worship team. As the preacher is called to preach, he likes to sing, and God tells him in this season you’ll do both. Esther’s calling was to go to the king and plead for the people of Isaria. She was afraid she would be killed.

Fear will rob you of your destiny

Don’t let society tell you how to fight your battles.
Don’t let your shortcomings keep you from acting.
It’s not about what you like to do. It’s about what you are to do.

Get out of the mindset that it’s all for you. We all need you to walk in your calling. It’s done better, faster, and better when you follow through with your calling.

Do well with the little things and God will give you more. You don’t get to be the queen Esther without being the orphan. When you pray for Gods will, his will is already in action. Seek his kingdom first... and all these things will be added to you.

Stop praying to ask for the same request over and over again. Ask God for the strength to endure, so that you can overcome.

God bless,

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