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[Chrismat Art Challenge] Christmas Magic

I'm not sure why there shouldn't be a full moon? 🤔 It's common to draw them, isn't it?

Either way, the picture is really cool tho!! +v+)
I still haven't thought of anything to draw for it, because...
My word is swordfish. Ugh. 😂

I love how happy Micky looks to be playing santa 😊 The stance kind of reminds me of Kingdom Hearts, when he's wielding the Keyblade X'DD

Good job on this!!

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It's not accepting some of my emojis, wut?? ;v;)
It just deletes them... > 3`<;;


Haha. You sure do like your emojis xD

Swordfish huh. That actually 100 times harder than mine. I wish you good luck!

Speaking of Kingdom Heart, I paint these while listening to "Simple and Clean - Ray of Hope remix". The song just help me giving the feel for this one . Tempted to make him weild a star seeker instead of a magic wand xD