The "What's The Coolest Gift You Got For Christmas" Challenge

Ahhh, poor Steemit... It feels like it's dying these days... Oh well... Worry not. Trumpman is here with a new challenge to save the day! Like back in the golden days when I tried to turn everybody into an alcoholic!

So, this is a pretty straight forward challenge! Just make a quick post with the coolest gift you got for Christmas!

I myself got quite a few presents and here's the coolest of them all:

So, you may be wondering.. What's the deal with this little poop face? Why is it so cool?

Well, for starters you might know from my older posts that I love to grow seeds and plants and stuff. And that's exactly what this fella is all about. You just water it and soon new "hair" starts to grow as shown in the package:

You can even see the seeds inside the cloth:

I will wait a couple of months until it gets warmer though before watering it. I plan to transplant the green  from the head once it sprouts and keep it alive instead of letting it withering down and dieing on the head :)

And here are some more cool christmas gifts I got this year.

First, this cool robot thingie. It's supposed to work like a vaccuum but it produces zero suction. It's pretty useless actually, but it looks cool. It's a keeper:

And this pair of socks with pepe's cousin, mistletoad:

The Rules

My challenge, my rules:

  • Post at least one cool gift you got this year
  • Nominate 2 people for the challenge
  • If you are a social outcast (sad!) with no friends to invite you just join the fun and post. You can even buy your self something and pretend it's a gift you got for Christmas by your imaginary friends !
  • Use the tag #christmasgiftchallenge as one of your five main tags

To get this shit rolling I will go ahead and nominate a shit ton of people: @ruth-girl, @iliasdiamantis, @funnel, @mrblackbird, @hotgates, @mobbs, @steemychicken1, @onceuponatime, @scienceangel, @alexs1320, @abigail-dantes, @erh.germany, @rouketas, @skapaneas, @loveisintheair

Special Nominations Go To

  •  @hilary.clinton, my arch nemesis
  • @doomsdaychassis, the biggest dumb fuck here on steemit
  • @belemo, my Nigerian slave
  • @acidyo cause he seems to be somewhat active in my comment section lately.  His comments (and votes) are always welcome from my side! Or just the votes. I can live with that!  XD

and last but not least

@berniesanders, Our Lord and Savior

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I think I qualify as under the Christmasgiftchallenge - but my post is 9 days old...


Well that sucks :( Here's a full upvote to your comment. Damn, me so generous ! 🤣😂


It was a good result, not a bad one, so the sucking was a bonus.
happy new year, matey


And flexible enough to suck your own penis

You have a weird sense of focus in your shots...
Great challenge BTW, I'll write something tomorrow ;)


An amateur like you is in no position to judge my magnificent photography. Now, back to your kitchen woman!


Well said captain caveman. Woman. Cook. Kitchen. Oonga boonga


Does coal count as cool?


Well if that's the only gift you got i guess it is the coolest one due to lack of competition 😂

Cool challenge! The mistletoad socks are pretty nifty and look comfy. Socks as gifts are more fun now that there are novelty designs.

I paid for my girlfriend's boob job but technically,😆 it was for me, does it count? 🤔


You have to make a post dip shit


On it. Is @acidyo here yet? I wanted to give him a friendly, no homo induced handjob.


Go find yourself another whale to jerk bitch!


wise men !


What can I say? I'm a natural

κοιτα ρε γαμω να μην εχω παρει φετος χριστουγεννιατικο δωρο...απιστευτο???....δε μου λες να σου ποσταρω το χριστουγεννιατικο πτηνο που τσακισα με γεμιση καστανο???...και αυτο δωρο θεωρειται απο τη γυναικα μου...


Βάλε αυτο XD

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